Abduction, and Murder, and Bribery… Oh My!

Picture this.

I’m sitting across the table from a wonderful woman telling her about what we do at DoTheDaniel.com. She asks how much certain things cost, and with a wink, she slides an envelope across the table to me saying that if I happened to sit down to write a blog post without a contract or anything “official”, we could just say whatever was in the envelope would be mine. Did I just get bribed? Am I about to commit a crime? Do I need to call our lawyer? 

Of course this didn’t actually take place, but could you imagine it had? I’d be breaking several laws in Canada, not to mention taking the risk of ruining everything we have worked so hard to build. Funny enough, bribery is just one of the hot topics of the First Annual Toronto True Crime Film Festival. Taking place June 8th & 9th at the Royal Cinema of Toronto, this is certainly going to be a conversation starter and might even make you question your morals. 

As someone who had always been a fan of drama on television and on the big screen, I immediately knew I would be attending the festival because I like to think. I’m also notorious for knowing who the real criminal is before it is revealed. Maybe I could have been a detective in another life… If you’re like me and enjoy the more thrilling things in life, I encourage you to dive into “COMPLICATED CASES. COMPELLING CINEMA.” with us this week. 

By now, if you live in Toronto, you would have noticed the cheeky way in which the festival has been advertising itself. What better way to get you thinking about breaking the law then by doing it themselves? 


The schedule is quite thought provoking, and helps me realize that thinking outside of the box might be fun for a few days. Not because I have the inclination to commit a crime of course (we are a family brand after all), but rather because I love to be challenged when it comes to a film. One of my favourite movies is “Usual Suspects” and that is all kinds of criminally driven with plot twists and turns I never saw coming! Though I am a sucker for a romantic movie that proves love overcomes all obstacles, crime based story lines and a thrilling plot are a good way to peak my interest. Not to mention we all know that I am a HUGE fan of cinema! 

Have we spiked your interest? Made you wonder if you would take a bribe… or cover up a crime if your relative committed it… The sky is the limit with this one and we encourage you to check out the schedule & ticket information at the the First Annual Toronto True Crime Film Festival website. 

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Daniel Reyes

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