For Clumsy People With Good Taste

Ok class, raise your hand if you’re clumsy. It’s ok, don’t be shy: who here is not the most graceful human? Who gets called butterfingers, or spazz or any of the goofy monikers we attach to those with poor coordination? If you’re looking, my hand is also up.

For, I, Brittany Levett am cumbersome too.

I have been known to bump my head getting into cars (smooth) trip on sidewalks (nice) have had a few softballs to the face (seriously). And I may even, maybe, okay definitely am writing this post with a sprained ankle.

On a cooler note (because I can do more than just get hit in the head), I am also an environmentally conscious person. I travel everywhere with a re-usable water bottle and shopping bag, I don’t buy fast fashion and I use biodegradable products (despite the extra elbow grease they often entail). Basically, I’m a clumsy, environmental, nerd, and if you are too then guess what?

I have a wine for you.

Eastdell Wines has just released 200ml shatterproof bottles, and theyre just in time for Summer. Single-serving bottles of wine that you can take anywhere and they won’t break! A vineyard in the heart of Niagara-on-the-lake, Eastdell wine is now producing their 3 best-selling wines in unbreakable 200ml bottles: Eastdell Black Cab (a medium bodied combination of baco noir and cabernet), Eastdell Pinot Grigio (with notes of pear and green apple) and Eastdell Summer Rosé (Riesling and Gamy Noir)! 

“Us Canucks like to spend as much time as possible outdoors, soaking up the summer months and these plastic wines bottles are a natural fit for having fun in the sun,” says Fiona Buchan, Director of Marketing for Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits Ltd.

Feel like having a picnic and a glass of wine? Take your bike! And if you wipe out on the sidewalk and knock over your bag, your bottle of wine won’t smash into the road (not speaking from experience here AT ALL). Want to take some wine to your friends house but are rocking some killer heels and do not have the Rhianna-like power of avoiding grates?

A brand under the Lakeview Wine Company, Eastdell wines is here for your clumsy-self. Imagine taking these camping without the fear of breaking them? So often you just have to take beer or roll the dice with regular bottles. Eastdell wines have changed the camping game completely!

And for your environmentalist side, at 1/6th the weight of glass, Eastdell’s new shatterproof bottles reduce freight costs, lowers the need for secondary packaging and practically eliminates breakage on bottling lines and store shelves. Every bottle is 100% recyclable, and have an incredibly low carbon footprint vs their glass counterparts. They require much less energy to produce and transport, so not only are they basically impossible to break, they’re also better for the planet! Win-win.

Available for purchase online through each bottle retails for $4.95 each or $118.80 for a case of 24 bottles which can be shipped to Ontario, Manitoba, BC and Nova Scotia. Every bottle is equipped with Amcor Stelvin aluminum enclosures, which has an oxygen seal to protect and preserve your wine for up to 12 months. Okay, so let’s re-cap here. They keep their flavour, they won’t break, and they’re better for the environment: you had better order some now and enjoy them before the summer ends. I know what I’m taking on my hike this weekend.

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All the best,

Brittany Levett

Photos by Ray C Photo & Brittany Levett

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