Let’s Talk About Denim

The real topics in the world can sometimes be “big” or deemed “too heavy.” I like to be as open and honest with you all as I can without trying to depress you, but the fact remains that the fashion industry is one of the worst pollutants on a global scale. And though I am not going to preach to you about what you should and shouldn’t do, I think it’s important to remember that the small things we do – such as which clothing brands we support – do ultimately affect the world as a whole. So when I was recently introduced to Australian brand Outland Denim, and found out about their dedication to eco-friendly denim production alongside some pretty impressive humanitarian efforts, I knew it was important to share them with you as a brand that I will be supporting personally moving forward. 

Before I get into my love of my new jeans, I should rewind a little bit. One of things that used to drive my family (and more recently my husband) nuts is that I am a creature of habit. If I love a piece of clothing, I wear it ad nauseam. You’d think that at almost 35 years old I would learn to space out my outfit choices, but I am who I am. So you’ll notice in a lot of photos lately I am wearing a pair of very flattering – and comfortable – dark denim jeans. 

Flash forward to the recent media event where I was introduced to Outland Denim and their story. Born out of a desire to help the world be both a better place in light of daunting realities, and to create a systematic approach to the production of their products in order to have a far less detrimental impact of the environment, I fell madly in love with this brand in every way possible. 

An excerpt from their website speaks a bit more to their ideals, and their goals as they continue to win over consumers of lovers of denim. 

“Outland Denim began its jean-making journey when founder James Bartle had a fortuitous encounter with an anti-trafficking group at a music festival, and then travelled to Asia to see first hand how human traffickers prey on vulnerable young girls in order to service the sex industry. 

After learning that once a girl has been rescued and supported through her recovery, a sustainable career path is vital for securing her future, James created the “Denim Project”, which would enable those girls who demonstrated an interest in sewing to put their new skills to use.”

Did I also mention that influential voices in the fashion world are taking notice? Click here to learn more

So all that to say, I am impressed. It’s a long winded way of getting there, but important for me to share all the reasons why the brand has caught my attention. And while I am adjusting to my new waist size (yes this is me acknowledging the changes in my body over the last two months) I am most comfortable in this pair of Dusty black jeans. And while I will admit the price tag is slightly higher than what you may be used to pay for denim, it is going to a brand that pays a living wage to it’s employees, helps to make the world a little better, and isn’t hurting the earth like some of the other brands out there are. 

What I know is that I feel good in supporting Outland Denim and am excited to pick up a few more pairs for myself very soon considering I need an entire new wardrobe. What I would recommend to anyone is to do some research on the brand. Know where you are spending your money and what that means for you and the impact your purchases can make. 

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Daniel Reyes

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