Events | Are you wanting a Niagara Culinary Experience?

For Canadian Food & Wine lovers, The Niagara region is known as one of the best areas to immerse yourself in. Do you want to truly experience some of the best Canada has to offer? The Niagara Culinary Experience is an series of events that you won’t want to miss. In partnership with, this series of dinners are hosted by Chef Massimo Capra and Chef Jamie Kennedy take place on a monthly basis at the Falls Avenue Resort in Niagara Falls.

The most recent dinner took place on February 21st and was centred around Marchesi Armando Fumanelli of Fumanelli Wines. “Fumanelli wines has been cultivating vineyards and creating esteemed wines since 1470. With The Squarno Estate located in the heart of Valpolicella in Italy, it is surrounded by vineyards, cherry and cypress trees – the perfect location to create world-class varietals.”

With dinner, pairings and accommodation packages available for the next dinner taking place in March, this dinner series is one that I would encourage you to try. Be it your first time to the Niagara Wine region or your first celebrity chef experience, this series is sure to be a representation of what a wine dinner is all about. Be it for travel, for tourism, for the love of wine, or for the celebrity chefs, this dinner series sells out fast. So why not enjoy yourself with @ChefJKennedy & @ChefMassimo in 2014 thanks to @DoTheDaniel?

For more information, make sure to check on the Niagara Culinary Experience website.

Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive.

Photos: Niagara Culinary Experience


Daniel Desforges