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Are you working out at a fully equipped gym each and every day with the help of your personal trainer? Chances are this isn’t the case unless you are very lucky and have the resources to do so. However, if you’re like me and don’t necessarily have access to these tools, time and expenses, there are other options. Thankfully for us all, Evolve Functional Fitness has launched its new app that bring the gym to you via your phone, tablet or home computer. You could fit your workouts around your daily life with functional fitness and apps such as these helping you to get in shape.

Evolve Functional Fitness is a paid membership application that is simple to download on all of your personal devices and makes fitness accessible to you in your everyday life. Work out at home, bring it along to the gym or take it with you on that next business trip. All you need is a nine-foot space, and the best part is that you don’t need expensive equipment (though if you have ever wondered where you can hire a treadmill or other things, this app could be the motivation needed to find out). “With four trainers teaching one Functional Fitness philosophy plus portable premium content, three distinct levels for all abilities, and an immersive online social network, Evolve is the next generation of fitness memberships.” Not to mention, there are pleasant on the eyes too!


So why create this app? Evolve’s purpose is to get us moving and fit again in a world where sitting behind the computer screen or laying down to check your latest instragram feed have become the norm. And let’s not kid ourselves, how easy is it to do just that? In fact the only thing this is good for, is to order yourself a brand new gymwear warderobe. Get those twin sets or men’s tracksuits in the basket and order straight to your door. You’re starting today, right now! Give it a go.

I can say that after downloading the app and giving it a try, it is user friendly and tailored to my needs. I can chose the level of intensity I wish to participate in my daily movement and fitness training. Priced at $7.99 a month with your first month free, I think that this app is perfect for those people who might not be “gym people”, or for the fitness enthusiast who could use some help training their bodies in ways they might have thought of. Even frequent gym-goers can forget about those smaller muscle groups like the back rhomboid muscles which are just as important to work out, so a prompt is great for the novice and experienced alike.

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Now, is this the new fitness fad that will fade the way of the ab belt or the shake-weight? Absolutely not. I wouldn’t write about a shopping channel fad for you all nor would I recommend something I haven’t tried. That’s not the Do The Daniel way! “Evolve is a proprietary digital content platform that includes workouts, nutritional content, and an online community that are continually updated. As the community grows, data and analytics about our users’ habits will inform future content to ensure that Evolve is ‘evolving’ with our members”

So for those of you not knowing what to do about your personal fitness regime, or where to start, why not try out an easy to use app that brings all the tools you will need to you. Anywhere, Anytime & Any Device.

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Daniel Desforges