Events | Celebrating WE Day Toronto & a whole new way you can answer the #CallForChange!

Have you ever been running so fast that you trip, fall and need a minute to get back up? This is kind of what happened to me last week when all of a sudden I got so sick I couldn’t get out of bed and had a busy schedule come to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, this meant that I had to miss the opportunity to attend WE Day Toronto with some media friends and about 20,000 deserving youth. Now that I’m rested and back to my old self, I’m excited to share with you all the excitement from WE Day and a new way that YOU can make a huge difference in the world with me.

“WE Day celebrates its 8th Anniversary! WE Day was started by Free The Children to celebrate the power of young people to create positive change around the world. Today, WE Day brings together an unmatched line-up of global leaders, social activists, cultural icons, and entertainers to inspire young people to take action. But WE Day is more than just one day of celebration and inspiration – it ignites a year-long program for change called WE School. As part of WE School, each school that attends WE Day commits to one local action and one global action, and reports back to Free The Children with their achievements.”

For those of you who remember, we told you about Francesco Yates teaming up with TELUS and the team at WE Day with a new video from his hit single ‘Call.’ Click here to read all about the experience we took part in and to see Catherine and I singing along to a great song!

Did I also mention the following star studded line up that came to town just for WE Day attendees?

WE Day Toronto Lineup #WeDay #CallForChange DoTheDaniel

Though I wasn’t able to join in person, I am still able to be a part of WE Day Toronto by following the hashtag online and joining in with the #CallForChange. By following these inspiring hashtags, it’s one of the best ways I can see how those around me enjoyed the experience and how it touched the lives of so many youths who have worked so hard to change the world.

I am still so inspired. Congratulations to each and every one of you that got to attend this year. Well deserved!

Here are just a few photos from the day that make me realize I want to be at every WE Day from now on!

#WeDay #CallForChange Banner Image

#WeDay #CallForChange Daniel Desforges

#WeDay #CallForChange Banner Image 3



To see even more amazing photos from such an amazing event, make sure to follow the #WeDay hashtag around the internet. It’s got some good moments you HAVE to see!

Leading up to WE Day Toronto and across the country, we entered video submissions of ourselves singing along to the chorus of Francesco Yates’ Call in hopes that we would make the final cut of the remix. The new version was written exclusively for WE Day and launched right here in Toronto. Though we’ve been sharing it like crazy, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to say that in the following video both Julio make an appearance. TWICE. Do you see your video submission?

So now that I feel like a total music video star, here’s the exciting way we all can help to make a HUGE difference in the world thanks to TELUS.

For every time you share the video above using #CallForChange, TELUS will donate $10 to Free The Children on your behalf*. That is a HUGE commitment and the easiest way to encourage your family and friends to do the same with you. We are all so connected on social media, and that one post can actually change the world. Today’s technology gives us the power to change the world like never before and it is why I am always so excited to be a part of something this important.

(*To a maximum contribution of $43,850 from September 7, 2015-December 18th, 2015)

Stay tuned for WE Day Vancouver coming your way on October 21st as a whole other group of deserving Canadian youth get to celebrate with celebrities and like minded individuals. I can’t wait to follow the hashtag again and get excited with our west coast friends!

Make sure to head over to for all your We Day needs.

To follow along on the #CallForChange journey once you’ve shared the above remix video using the hashtag, make sure to follow @FrancescoYates & @TELUS on Twitter and Instagram. With so much more to look forward to now that we are all renewed from WE Day, it’s time to think about the future!

For more behind the scenes of this and other amazing brands we are working with around the world, make sure to follow along with the #DoTheDaniel Instagram account. We would love to have you join on our adventures!

Photos: TELUS, Zach Bussey, We Day


Daniel Desforges