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I feel like I just got back from Detroit, and now it’s time to leave on another amazing trip. This time, Julio & I are headed to Montreal for an amazing few days with W Montréal, and we couldn’t be more excited! Over the next few days we will be exploring the city of my birth, enjoying delicious meals, and even head to Igloofest. Come along with us and some very talented colleagues as we immerse ourselves in the #InsiderCollective experience.


“Previously both a French trading post and an English colony, the island city of Montréal sits at the center of what’s old and new. Drawing upon this history and cultural juxtaposition, the renovation captures Montréal’s energy and its position as the most European city in North America. Its Francophile nature is implied through a deconstruction of archetypical French neoclassical elements such as chevron patterns in walnut and brass tables. In addition, the design draws upon local insights, such as Montréal’s underground culture and the hotel’s proximity to Old Montreal. Together, these themes combine to create a guest experience that is uniquely W Montréal.”

This afternoon we will leave from Billy Bishop airport on Porter Airlines, one of our favourite ways to travel, to head to the 514. A lot of people don’t realize that I am actually French Canadian (especially now that I’ve changed my name since getting married to Julio last year) – Montréal is home and I am excited to get back.

While staying in the heart of the city at W Montreal, we will enjoy the luxurious rooms, hotel amenities (including the gym & spa) and even have the chance to enjoy a meal at the incredible ÊTRE AVEC TOI (Ê.A.T).  




Julio & I will be bringing you our experiences and favourite moments live on social media over the next few days – make sure to follow the #InsiderCollective hashtag as we experience the beauty and luxury that W Montréal has to offer.

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Photos: W Montréal


Daniel Reyes