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Events | TELUS & Francesco Yates want YOU to join the #CallForChange

I can’t believe it’s already September and we are heading into the autumn months. Not that I’m complaining, because it is after all my favourite time of year. With sweater weather comes TIFF and We Day! This year, Francesco Yates and TELUS have teamed up in an amazing way and they want YOU to join us all in supporting We Day 2015 and Free The Children. Come & see how 15 seconds of your life can make a difference in the world along with Canada’s newest music sensation!

To give you all a little bit of context on the power of TELUS’ We Day partnership and its ability to change the world. Since 2007 TELUS has raised over $16 million dollars of support to Free The Children’s efforts in Canada and around the world.

“We Day and its dynamic, yearlong educational program, We Schools, work together to empower youth to be drivers of social change. At the heart of We Day and We Schools is the belief that when we act together, we can transform the world.”

So how can you get involved in making a difference?

Together with TELUS, wants to inspire you to start making a difference in your local communities and across the country. Now is your chance to join the #CallForChange and be a part of Francesco Yates’ new music video by sharing a video of yourself singing, dancing or jamming to the chorus of ‘Call.’

Francesco will perform the remixed version of ‘Call’ at every We Day stops across the country and the video entries we all submit will be used to make a BRAND NEW Music Video which will debut at We Day Toronto on October 1st.

To share via Twitter

– first upload a video of yourself singing, dancing or jamming to the chorus of ‘Call’ to YouTube and then paste the link in your tweet. Again, make sure to use the hashtag #CallForChange!

To share via Instagram

– upload your favourite 15 seconds using the hashtag #CallForChange – but be sure to keep the original video in case you’re chosen!

We want to include as many videos as possible, so here are a few tips when creating yours:

1. Use your phone or camera, the higher quality the better!

2. Don’t wear any logos or brands on your clothing

3. Get creative and be colourful!

4. And most importantly – have fun! We want to see your personality shine through

Entries can be submitted from September 8th – September 20th. For every video shared, TELUS will donate $10 to Free The Children on your behalf.

“Today’s technology gives young leaders the power to change the world like never before. It gives people a voice, an audience and helps to amplify messages of positive social change. It’s time we used our social media accounts for good and to make a difference!”

A great way to help the world, sing along to an amazing Francesco Yates song AND the chance to be featured in his new music video! Take a look at our videos below to help inspire yours!

The final video will launch on October 1 at We Day Toronto. For more details on how to participate, head on over to Make sure to sing along with the remixed version of “Call” on the website and sing & dance along in the chorus for your video submission.

To follow along on the #CallForChange journey, make sure to follow @FrancescoYates & @TELUS on Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to use the hashtag when submitting your entries and get your friends and family to join in with you! The more videos we submit, the more we can change the world with the power of social media.

For more behind the scenes of this and other amazing brands we are working with around the world, make sure to follow along with the #DoTheDaniel Instagram account. We would love to have you join on our adventures!

Photos: TELUS


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