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Family Lifestyle | Ford Technology

With Ottawa’s first snowfall today, the thing on everyone’s mind (besides, ugh winter is here), is “Is my car ready?”. Now that I’m a parent, when I see snow I not only hear “Do you wanna build a snowman?” in my head but I’m most concerned with how it’ll affect the driving conditions and if my child will be safe. Enter Ford and their latest technological advances.


Ford has come a LONG way since I first started driving. Not saying how I old I am, but I remember roll-up windows, and having to use the key to open the door. Now you barely even need a key to START the car! Technology in cars has vastly changed the way we drive. Typically we think of the conveniences it brings, things like power windows, integrated GPS, XM radio, heated and powered seats. But it’s not just comfort that technology now brings, it’s bringing safety.


Ford’s latest Edge model is the perfect example as the leader in car technology. “The new Edge is a rolling showcase of Ford’s commitment to developing and offering the most advanced technology in the business.” With options like: active grille shutters, blind spot information systems, 180* front camera with washer and rear camera, active park assist, lane-keeping system, side parking sensors and so much more, it makes it easy to see why they’re the leaders.


I had the opportunity to test out some of these features and drive a 2015 Edge with a nascar driver! No, we weren’t driving on a race track or anything crazy, but they are definitely knowledgeable drivers, and were able to show me a thing or two! One of the features we focused on, was the active park assist. I almost felt as though it were a mythical creature, a car that parks itself?! I had heard of it, but never seen it before. So I hopped in the car and followed my instructors directions. When you’re approaching a spot, simply press the active park assist button and your car’s cameras will start looking for a spot, when it sees one it’ll notify you that it’s seen it and to pull up slowly until you’re at the desired spot. Follow the directions on screen and when you put the car in reverse it does all the work for you! Whether it was a parallel or perpendicular park the car does it all, it’ll even assist you in getting out of the spot! (Don’t forget you are still in charge of the gas and brake though!)


There were definitely a few times that I would have thought for SURE I was already hitting the car in front of me, but with the car’s side parking sensors, and cameras I was able to trust and see that I was safe. The sensors use algorithms to measure speed and steering wheel angle to warn drivers of obstacles. Oh how I love technology! When speaking with one of the drive instructors, we were talking about how vehicle technology is helping to compensate for the driver.

Be sure to learn more about all the amazing ways Ford is pushing the limits on vehicle technology through their website and blog.To follow along on my mommy adventures & to get a behind the scenes look into my life, follow my Instagram Account today. We’d love to have you join us!

Photos via: Amanda Hayden Photography and Ford

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