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If you know me at all, you know that I wear flip flops ALMOST year round. As soon as I see a peek of grass in the spring, they’re on, and I don’t take them off until the snow sticks. Yep, it can be snowing and I’ll have my flip flops on, it has to actually stick and stay. What can I say? I’m a creature of comfort. So, of course being a single mom, and the primary influence on Lyric, he too loves his flip flops (and knows to coordinate them with his outfit)!! When I heard about Sanuk, a company that makes “shoes” using a sandal base, I was already sold! Sanuk is the Thai word for “fun” and it’s what the brand is all about!




Founded in 1997 when Jeff Kelley was making sandals from inner tubes, they’ve quickly grown and developed to be twice recognized at the SIMA Image Awards as the 2007 and 2010 Footwear Product of the Year! Sanuk makes creatively inspired and distinctively designed footwear for the global outdoor community. Their “Sidewalk Surfers” which are often referred to as “Not-A-Shoes” for their patented construction, allow your feet to bend and flex in natural comfort. Essentially a closed toe flip flop… uhhm, YES!! These are perfect for kids who are in and out of splash pads, parks, anywhere and everywhere! You want them to be comfortable, but they’re kids and they trip and fall and kick stuff they’re not supposed to, so with flip flops on their lil toes are susceptible to all of that, but with these on they’re protected! Fashionable, comfortable AND safer? say WHA?! The parenting trifecta of clothing! haha




I immediately went to their online store and picked out the CUTEST pair for Lyric! They had a bunch of awesome designs to choose from, but Lyric’s favourite colour is blue, so I couldn’t resist these ones (FASHIONIGHTS approved, of course)! I put them on him right away and went outside to take some pictures (obviously!), before we headed to the beach we had a few errands to run, so I asked Lyric if he wanted to put his flip flops on (he’s not a fan of shoes), and he said that he didn’t want to take these off!! Now that’s saying something! The kid who would rather run around barefoot on gravel than wear shoes wanted to keep these on! WIN! I think I’ll be ordering myself a pair ASAP! (Why do us Moms always buy for the kids first?! Without even thinking about it!) I have no doubt I’ll be wearing “shoes” this summer too!




Make sure you check out for some fashionable, functional AND fun shoes for the whole family from Sanuk! Tweet/Instagram me (@amandahayden) with a shot of you and your lil ones in your new “shoes”! #NeverUncomfortable! (photos by: Amanda Hayden Photography)

Live, Laugh, Love!

Amanda Hayden