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When I stop to think about food, I am happy to see a growing trend in Canada of sourcing local fresh ingredients. Recently you will have seen that our friends at KFC Canada invited us to the farm to help share the fact that the chicken served in their local restaurants is real, Canadian, farm-raised chicken, just like the chicken you buy at the grocery store. It was such a pleasure to join friends over a delicious menu designed by Bob Blumer centered around the delicious items available at KFC. Come see what the farm experience was all about!

Similarly to the farmers in the video, I laughed when I heard some of the outlandish statements made. I can guarantee you that the chicken served in our local KFC restaurants is real, Canadian, farm-raised chicken, just like the chicken you buy at the grocery store. We work with local farms across the country who provide KFC’s suppliers with chicken of the highest possible quality, year-round.









I have always loved enjoying quality menu items from KFC Canada and now feel even better about my choice, knowing that they not only support Canadian Farmers but also use the highest quality fresh ingredients. “Canadian farmers work day in and day out to bring us delicious food we can trust. The chicken farmers who supply KFC kitchens are no exception. They are committed to serving quality chicken.” You can find out more by heading to

Together with Canadian farmers, KFC is offering Canadians delicious quality food – and don’t we all deserve that when feeding our friends and family? Join in on the social media conversation around food and food myths by following @kfc_canada on Instagram, @kfc_canada on Twitter and by ‘Liking’ their Facebook Page today. Use and follow the #KFCisForChicken hashtag to join Canadians who care about quality food – we can’t wait to hear what YOU have to say!

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Photos: KFC CanadaNick Apostolou & Daniel Reyes


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