Living la dolce vita

I think the thing I love most about wine, especially when it is paired with delicious food, is its ability to transport you somewhere beautiful. When sipping on a glass of wine from Italy, for example, I like to imagine the rolling hills of Tuscany or the vineyards of Chianti while indulging in the effortless romance of Italian cuisine. It’s why when we had the opportunity to partner with Castello di Gabbiano to celebrate their historic winery and the beauty of Italy, I simply had to tell you all about it. I also simultaneously started looking online for trips to Italy for the team and I to visit the Tuscan castle and immerse ourselves in la dolce vita. After all, I’ve yet to visit Italy and what better time to start planning? Continue reading “Living la dolce vita”

Health & Nutrition | Discovering what CrossFit really is thanks to Reebok Canada

I’ll be really honest and admit that for a very long time, I had a vague idea of what CrossFit was all about. I knew it usually meant that you were extremely fit, but I also thought that it involved ropes and throwing car tires around. Recently the team at Reebok Canada invited me to learn more about CrossFit by having me visit one of their Toronto CrossFit gyms (Reebok CrossFit Firepower located in Milton) and attend the 2016 CrossFit Invitational. After this experience, I feel a renewed sense of physical fitness and have been outfitted with items that I will need to start towards new fitness goals. Crossfit has been amazing and the CrossFit benefits are even better than I imagined. Come and see some of the highlights from the #CrossFitInvitational and how I am going to try and get myself in shape again.  Continue reading “Health & Nutrition | Discovering what CrossFit really is thanks to Reebok Canada”

Food & Drink | We are sharing all the reasons how #KFCisForChicken

When I stop to think about food, I am happy to see a growing trend in Canada of sourcing local fresh ingredients. Recently you will have seen that our friends at KFC Canada invited us to the farm to help share the fact that the chicken served in their local restaurants is real, Canadian, farm-raised chicken, just like the chicken you buy at the grocery store. It was such a pleasure to join friends over a delicious menu designed by Bob Blumer centered around the delicious items available at KFC. Come see what the farm experience was all about! Continue reading “Food & Drink | We are sharing all the reasons how #KFCisForChicken”