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I’m pleased to announce that Diamond Estates and FASHIONIGHTS have partnered together to bring you seasonal posts of things up and coming in the wine world. This edition, titled Fervently Fall, is all about what’s hot for those fall days of changing leaves and sweater weather, but also for those evenings nestled in with the ones you love. I’ve had a chance to sample what’s coming this season, and trust me when I say that you’re not going to want to miss these new arrivals.

Fresh_SparklingRose2012 Romantic Rosé

The cool autumn evenings have begun, and sadly the patio weather is fading; the summer has come to an end but let’s celebrate the crisp season that’s upon us. Although it might not be the kind of weather where you’d sip Mimosa’s on a patio with friends, who says it’s time to put the bubbly away? Now, more than ever, it’s important to have a bottle in the fridge for a romantic night paired with strawberries & bubble bath for two. There’s always a reason to have Sparkling Wine in the house, and Canada has got you covered.

Fresh Sparking Rosé would be one to keep well stocked for just such an occasion. The colour grabs your attention with that almost bubblegum pink, while the citrus taste and acidity help balance that playful sweetness.  As most of you may remember, Fresh offers some serious calibre wines with approachable playfulness. The Sparkling Rose is sweet while having a slight tartiness to it and leaves a refreshing berry taste on the tongue. I’d pair this with fresh salad for a mid-day luncheon or end the night sipping it by the fire. Romantic and colourful, this is what sparkling wine should be in the fall. ED_Blk Label ChardSurLie_2012 Classic Chardonnay

When I think about autumn meals of warmth and comfort, I think of whole roast fowl of any kind. Potatoes, root vegetables and warm fruit sauces. All the comfort that you’d hope to come home to from the chill. To pair with these dishes, what better then a good bottle of white wine? I would normally recommend an acidic white wine, but this season I’m inspired by Chardonnay. When done properly, this wine is a beautiful balance of decadence and acidity. Some of you might know the varietal in its Californian style can at times be over powering. But in the Canadian equivalent, you’ll find more subtle flavours.

EastDell Estates from the the Niagara-On-The-Lake region helps represent Canada with varying levels of wines. From their entry level to the black label vintages, this Canadian wine house is a must try in my books. Elegant and beautiful are words that come to mind when I think of their Black Label Chardonnay Sur Lie.

“Sur Lie – literally translated in French means “on the lees”, which means the wine was fermented without “racking” giving the wine some toasty and oaky characteristics without the use of oak barrels.”

Fermented in stainless steel, the fruit flavours of this sweet grape are allowed to intensify as the wine ages. Warm with hints of pear and apple, this is the sweet and savoury white wine that I crave in the fall for those beautiful dinner parties. Hinted with spice, cloves and cinnamon; this beautiful bottle of wine is sure to please your guests. Pair it with a roasted chicken and hearty mashed potatoes for the perfect evening in and astound guests when you reveal that this is a home grown product.

2010 Syrah Reserve


Savoury Syrah

The season of red wine has officially begun anew, as the air cools, the desire for full-bodied glasses of red wine begins. The dishes we’ll all begin to enjoy & prepare are better suited with a beautiful bottle of red wine. They seem to be destined to match the scarlett and ruby leaves that will soon adorn the ground. However, where to start is the difficult part of choosing any bottle of wine. With such a complex spectrum of flavour and intensity, red wine can be daunting to say the least. My favourite is to not go too light or too heavy; find a middle ground for intensity of flavour in order to not lose your wine or your food.

Lakeview Cellars Syrah Reserve is a great bottle of wine for almost any occasion. Peppery and full of dark fruits like plum and black cherry, this wine is strong but not overbearing. A well made Syrah will be both sweet and tart, helping to balance the flavour of the wine and the food it accompanies. Lakeview Cellars is on point with their version of this varietal. Smoky and hearty, I’d pair this with roasted and barbecued meats or creamy cheeses such as Brie and Gouda. Play around with your cheese pairing to watch how sweet this wine can be or how earthy it can get. Lastly, for those adventurous types like myself, try pairing this with spicy food to really play with the palette.

DA Cabernet Shiraz 2011


Beautifully Bold Blend

Canadian wines are commonly blended in order to express the best they can on the world scale of wine. Many times, the blends are international and not solely Canadian made, which can lead to a beautiful wine but not that Canadian feel I have come to love. Dan Aykrord wines on the other hand, help represent classically grown Canadian wines while staying true to the boldness of what a blend should be. His travels and intimate attention to detail in the wine-making process help to make this wine a recognizable name alongside a delicious product. Canadian as Canadian can be, Dan Aykroyd isn’t messing around when it comes to his wine.

If you are looking for a big bold beautiful blend, then the Dan Aykroyd Cabernet/Shiraz is for you. Although this blend is not my personal favourite, I respect its power and boldness; heavy pepper, smoke, leather and earthiness come through. For those of you looking for big, this is sure to please. I would pair this heavy hitter with game meats, aged cheese and dark chocolate. Any course, anywhere, this bottle of red is ready to take on the challenge. These are my recommendations of the newest products from Diamond Estates.

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Photos: Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits Ltd.

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