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When it comes to sipping wine this summer, I would’ve normally been appalled to have someone serve me wine with ice in it, let alone encourage me to do the same with my guests. How wrong I have been… Barefoot Wine & Bubbly is breaking all the rules with the release of their new Barefoot Refresh line of delicious wines and how they recommend you serve them. Let me tell you how you can join in on this new summer trend and enjoy along with us!

Now I am usually a stickler for tradition and wine is usually no exception to this rule. That’s why when I first heard of award-winning California winemaker Jennifer Wall encouraging wine lovers to add ice to her new range of Barefoot Refresh wines, I was both intrigued and terrified!

“At Barefoot Wine & Bubbly, we strive to break down barriers and make wine approachable and easy to enjoy,” says Barefoot Winemaker Jennifer Wall.  “Barefoot wines are flavourful, fun and meant to be enjoyed without pretension – there’s no rule book for our wines.”


So let’s take a look at the 5 wine rules and how we all need to break them to live life on the wild side with Barefoot Refresh Wines.

Rule # 1: Never put ice in your wine.

“Barefoot Rule Breaker:  Add an ice cube (or two) to keep wine cool and stay refreshed on a hot summer day.  Barefoot Refresh wines are designed to deliver optimum flavour and enjoyment when served over ice for a perfect summer sip.”

And they weren’t kidding!  With some fun shaped iced cubes or even frozen fruit for added flare and flavour, these wines are the perfect thirst quencher on a hot summer day. I used some fun ice trays and added in sliced fruit and berries to the water while freezing. Not only does this embody the whole concept of summer, but it’s beautiful to look at in the glass for your guests as well! 

Rule # 2: Stress over stemware.  Each style of wine must be served in the right glass – and always hold at the stem.

“Barefoot Rule Breaker:  As long as wine stays cool and refreshing, any glass will do. But in the spirit of rule-breaking, lose the stem.  Just make sure there are enough glasses to go around.”

Okay this one scared me. A lot. To me there is nothing more beautiful then glass stemware for wine service.  But for those picnics in the backyard or parties on the rooftop, it makes sense to get yourself a good set of stemless glasses to avoid breaking the good stuff. Just remember to keep it consistent for your guests and have enough to go around. Mismatched glassware just looks unprepared and sloppy.  Focus on the wine and not what it is served in! 

Rule # 3: Wines must be opened with a corkscrew.

“Barefoot Rule Breaker: When it comes to no-fuss wine enjoyment this summer, don’t be tethered to traditional wine accessories.  Rely on a twist of the wrist instead. Not only are screw tops easier to open, they keep wines fresh and crisp so they always taste great.”

This is actually becoming quite the trend in the wine world in general! Stelvin closures (the fancy term for screw top) are more commonly used in new world wine production because it is more economical and helps to create consistent product. Don’t be scared of them or look down your noise either because some of the best wine from Barefoot & Barefoot Refreshers are just a twist away!

Rule # 4: Serve wines with a declared birth date.

“Barefoot Rule Breaker:  Age is just a number when it comes to wines.  A well-made wine is ageless, so don’t fuss about vintage and focus on wines that deliver flavour and refreshment and can please any crowd.  When in doubt, check the label for awards and accolades that reinforce a wine’s quality. “

I’m going to have to agree to disagree on this point. Although some of the best wines I have ever had have been young wines made in the last few years, there is something to be said for a good vintage. When it comes to summer entertaining and enjoying your occasion with friends & loved ones though, don’t stress too much about it. Let them bring you a beautiful vintage as a host gift and save it for later! 

Rule # 5: Spend a lot.

“Barefoot Rule Breaker: Value always hits the sweet spot.  Finding a quality wine for a great price is the ultimate wine score and gets everyone talking.”

100% accurate. This goes for sparkling wine to tequila. The more money you spend does NOT equate to better value. A lot of times in the wine and alcohol world you end up spending money on the brand and not the product and that is such a shame. The Barefoot Refresh line of wines is affordable and approachable.  At the end of the day, those are the two things I look for when I want to entertain guests and host those I love.


NEW! Barefoot Refresh Summer Red, Sweet White and Perfectly Pink are available at the LCBO for a limited time only this summer. 

For the rest of my readers, make sure to check where you can purchase Barefoot Refresh wines with their store locator here.

So come join in the summer season with a bottle or Barefoot Refresh wine and break a few rules while you’re at it.  You might find out it’s fun to be the rebel in the group and get people excited to see this adventurous new side of you!

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Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive.

Photos: Barefoot Wine & Bubbly and Julio Reyes taken with our #DoTheDaniel Samsung Canada GALAXY Camera 2


Daniel Desforges