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For those of you food lovers out there, nothing adds to a great meal quite like a great condiment. Be it a homemade sauce or a great seasoning, the addition of that something extra nice to your meal truly helps to make it memorable for you and your guests. I am so happy to tell you all about the latest addition to my personal pantry, Whisky & Spice Mustards. Come see why they are a great addition to any meal and a must for those mustard lovers out there!

Using only the best Canadian mustard seeds and absolutely no salt added, these three flavours caught me off guard with how versatile they truly are. In many cases, flavoured mustard by major brand names in the past have been aggressive in their flavouring and left me disappointed. Not with Whisky & Spice!

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Let me tell you a few points about each product and why you should go out and purchase some for yourself to join in on the flavour adventures.

Whisky Honey Mustard:

Infused with the smooth flavours of Bowmore 12 Islay Scotch Whisky, this classic twist on a mustard is certainly the crowd pleaser of the three. Think honey mustard with attitude for your flavour profile. Using brown mustard seeds created a well rounded heat and savoury taste which compliments the sweet & sour flavours. There are certainly layers of complexity that any foodie would pick up on, but this is also something I would serve to my 3 year old nephew for its sweet approachability when I’m not looking to serve the processed yellow stuff alternatives. I ate this with butter and bread, but I am also a mustard fanatic. Adding it to a pork dish or even an au jus with Sunday Roast truly will give your meal layers of flavours you might not expect from your household mustard.

Riesling Apple Mustard:

Infused with the flavours of Pelee Island Winery Lighthouse Riesling, this mustard is going to be for those of you with a sweet tooth looking to spice up your next meal. The yellow mustard seed goes into production for the majority of mustards on the market because it is mild enough to make everyone happy from baseball games to backyard BBQ’s. By adding the sweetness of apple and the acidity of the wine, it truly adds a whole new layer of flavours to this product. I love the combination of sweet and spicy (mild spicy for those of you who are scared of that word) that this mustard give. In the summer time, this makes a delicious vinaigrette for those of you who need something delicious to compliment your salad. I would even marinate a chicken in it over night before slow roasting it on the BBQ to give that sweet and savoury addition of flavour that Whisky & Spice seems to have created.

Porter Pepper Mustard:

Infused with Black Creek Historic Brewery Porter, this mustard packs a punch in regards to flavour. Using Oriental mustard seed, this mustard is not only full bodied but quite spicy on the tongue. Not for the light hearted (insert brand name) yellow mustard lovers, it is quite unique for those of you wanting something different from your household mustard. Think of heavy flavours of coffee and black pepper when trying this mustard to get the sentiment of full bodied spice and you’re on the way to the boldest of the three flavours. I would recommend adding this to a night with salty crackers, strong cheeses and fruit. Avoid mild flavoured dishes that might get overpowered, but be brave enough to swap it in for your regular sauce choice. This is my recommendation for those of you bold enough to dive head first into something new in the name of love for food & flavour.

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Sounds like a one way ticket to flavour town, right? If you can’t decide, I always recommend buying the newly available trio pack to try all three flavours and pick your favourite. Available for purchase in specialty stores and soon hitting shelves at your local grocer, why not just skip the wait in line and order them online here.

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