Food & Wine | Come & Celebrate Crown Royal’s 75th Anniversary

This year has marked some incredible moments in the food, wine & alcohol world. Be it collaborations for limited edition bottle (see some examples here & here), or major anniversaries to celebrate iconic brands, 2014 has proved to be a year to remember. One such anniversary is the 75th birthday of the classically Canadian Crown Royal. Come & see how they have decided to celebrate with their 75th Anniversary Limited Edition Blend and why if you haven’t sipped it yet, you should plan on it soon. After all, we all know how much we love to acquire and enjoy limited edition products!

The history of Crown Royal is a part of Canada both figuratively and literally. I can still remember ordering Crown & Gingers in my University days and how it has always been a name I associate with quality.

“The first exquisite blend of Crown Royal® Canadian whisky was meticulously crafted from 50 select whiskies, dressed in the finest cut glass and wrapped in purple robes, to commemorate the first grand tour of Canada by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, in 1939. And in truly noble fashion, this bottle of Crown Royal® was placed on the Royal train as a symbol of the hardworking and genuine nature of the Canadian people. Today, the legacy of Crown Royal® remains how it began, the epitome of Canadian whisky, with a smooth taste and a regal style all its own.”

The 75th Anniversary Blend is meant to celebrate the brand, the elegance and the tradition that Crown Royal has built since its royal beginnings. The iconic mauve bag is, for a limited time with this particular blend, a lustrous silver in a gold box. Your eye is immediately seduced before you’ve even had the first sip. All I can think of is how I wanted to collect a bottle for myself and what a great Holiday gift this would be under the tree for those I love or as a host gift for the upcoming dinners we will be attending.

“Our Master Blender carefully blends this exquisite Coffey rye (from the historic Coffey Still) alongside hand-picked whiskies from out extensive stocks to create an exceptionally rich and smooth whisky. Truly made for a King…”


I can say from experience is that this limited edition blend is one of the smoothest and most delicious whiskies I have ever had the pleasure to sip. Not only is it perfect for the impeding colder nights, it offers hints of caramel with a long warm finish. Romance in a glass for a truly romantic brand, be it in your favourite cocktail or simply served neat after a long day. This is one you have to try to believe.

For those of you in Ontario, make sure to check your local LCBO for inventory and for the rest of the country make sure to check your local liquor store. Pick up your limited edition bottle soon before they sell out and celebrate with Crown Royal & Join in the social media conversation with the #CrownRoyal75 hashtag and tag @CrownRoyal on Twitter & Instagram. Tell us how you enjoyed the limited edition blend and join in the celebration!

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Photos: Crown Royal

Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive


Daniel Desforges