Take Pride in How Far You’ve Come

It’s been quite an amazing year, and although some might believe otherwise, I like to take pride in how far we’ve come over the years from our early beginnings. I still remember starting off all those years ago with Catherine and a handful of important people. #DoTheDaniel was very different back then, but we have always been a fan of enjoying special moments together. We still manage to make each other laugh until we cry, and so I thought I’d share another special memory we recently shared together.¬†
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Food & Wine | Come celebrate Ardbeg Night on May 28th with us!

I think one of the things that I love most about living in a city like Toronto is the ability to attend some pretty incredible events. One of these events is Ardbeg Night that will be taking place on May 28th to celebrate the upcoming release of Ardbeg Dark Cove. Whisky is one of those beautiful things that I associate with special moments and special people. Ardbeg has a unique history and the addition of this new limited edition bottle comes just in time for the summer. “Smuggling, illicit whisky trade, dodging excise officers and fast ships to traverse the Scottish coastline all link into the Dark Cove concept for Ardbeg Night.” Continue reading “Food & Wine | Come celebrate Ardbeg Night on May 28th with us!”

Food & Wine | Mortlach Malt Whisky is a welcome addition to Canada

For those of you who follow Julio & I on social media (@Fashionights & @DoTheDaniel on both Twitter and Instagram), you would remember that we recently attended an LCBO Vintages scotch tasting. During our visit to Shangri-La Hotel Toronto, we were introduced to Mortlach Malt Whisky. Recently launched in Canada, I fell in love with both the brand and brand ambassador¬†Georgie Bell.¬† Continue reading “Food & Wine | Mortlach Malt Whisky is a welcome addition to Canada”

Food & Wine | Come & Celebrate Crown Royal’s 75th Anniversary

This year has marked some incredible moments in the food, wine & alcohol world. Be it collaborations for limited edition bottle (see some examples here & here), or major anniversaries to celebrate iconic brands, 2014 has proved to be a year to remember. One such anniversary is the 75th birthday of the classically Canadian Crown Royal. Come & see how they have decided to celebrate with their 75th Anniversary Limited Edition Blend and why if you haven’t sipped it yet, you should plan on it soon. After all, we all know how much we love to acquire and enjoy limited edition products! Continue reading “Food & Wine | Come & Celebrate Crown Royal’s 75th Anniversary”