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When it comes to a cocktail after a long day or enjoying the weekend with the ones I love, there are always a few directions I can take. Vodka is and has always been a crowd pleaser based upon its versatility and, let’s be honest, potency to kick off a good time day or night. I have recently been introduced to Luksusowa Vodka and have come to realize that this gluten free vodka made from 100% Polish potatoes is truly showing Canada how vodka is done properly. Let me tell you why you should pick some up for your next vodka based drink here!

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Now, let me start off this by saying that after reviewing the Luksusowa Vodka website I am NOT a fan of this “How to be a man” mentality in their marketing. I don’t agree in gender identification through branding nor do I support the idea of “To be a man you must X.” But, I also know that sometimes a good product makes a bad marketing decision and based upon my experience with the brand I am looking past this lapse in judgement and will be focusing on what is important: a truly delicious Vodka that I now keep in the house.


The history of the product is one that dates bate to 1928 in Poland and has been a tradition of precision and pride. The tell-tale sign of a good product can sometimes be easily recognized in its longevity. With new “vodkas” popping up and disappearing every day, it seems as though Luksusowa is here to stay. In Canada, the tradition of a well crafted cocktail is one that I love. By adding the historic, and well crafted product to your own recipe, you can truly taste the craftsmanship.

Be it the base for your next Bloody Caesar or fruit inspired Martini with the ladies, I strongly encourage you to give Luksusowa Vodka a try. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not give my DoTheDaniel Martini Recipe a try:


1.5 oz Luksusowa Vodka

1.0 oz of Fresh Watermelon Juice

1.0 oz of Lillet

Fresh Watermelon (sliced into small peices) & Fresh Raspberries

Half a Lime

In a martini shaker, add fresh watermelon & raspberries. Muddle to extract fresh juices. Add 3-4 ice cubes and combine all liquid ingredients, shake vigorously with capping glass or stir well with spoon if you don’t own one. The fresh Watermelon Juice will naturally froth. Strain into Martini Glass (or if like me, you only have wine glasses) over one large ice cube. Squeeze lime into cocktail and stir. Add any remaining watermelon & raspberries to glass and serve chilled. The perfect way to end the summer with Luksusowa Vodka & #DoTheDaniel.

Make sure to Follow & Tweet @LuksusowaCA to tell them YOUR very own cocktail creations with their delicious product. Tag @DoTheDaniel to inspire me to host my friends with your creations! And you know what ladies? Speak up and tell them that their Vodka is for everyone.

Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive.

Photos: Luksusowa Vodka Canada


Daniel Desforges