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Most people don’t stop to think about the sustainability of the wine they are buying. Let alone the innovations that the winery has or has not taken to produce the best product possible. I recently had the opportunity to be introduced to Montes Wines and came to realize that these are all factors that genuinely can make the wine world a better place. Make sure to check out the #MontesDryFarming hashtag to take a look at the event we had the pleasure of attending & what some of our media colleagues had to say.

So… where did the idea to innovate the way wine is made come from?

“In 2009, recognizing the need for more responsible water usage, Viña Montes began a pioneering viticultural project called “Dry Farming” which studies the impact of differing levels of irrigation on grape development – and overtime drastically reduce the use of water in the vineyard, currently the only winery in Chile to do so. Findings of the project determine the precise level of irrigation required for individual vineyards and parcels, taking into consideration a range of factors including rainfall, soil types and grape varietals. … The Dry Farming Project has resulted in a decrease of 65% of water usage in the Colchagua vineyards during the 2013-2014 season.”

So… I don’t speak Spanish (yet. I’m working on it), but to me there is nothing sexier. Add that to wine & you’ve got a video I simply had to share on the subject matter. You can ask Julio for a translation if you need one while I am slowly learning the language.

It wouldn’t be very nice to post a video many of you can’t understand. Take a look at the beautiful scenery of the Montes Winery and listen to Aurelio tell you himself about Dry Farming and the innovations his brand has made both for the wine world and for Chile. (It’s a lot sexier in Spanish though)

And of course, as Aurelio says… “My invitation is to try & enjoy.”

I had the pleasure of meeting with Aurelio’s son, Aurelio Montes Jr., during the tasting event in Toronto. He spoke so elegantly to the dry farming technique, the Feng Shui practices incorporated into the winery including playing classical music to the barrels and the overall love for wine that has been passed down through his family. Did I mention I also might have a slight crush on him after listening to him speak about wine?


Now that we’ve established my respect and admiration to the Montes Wine family and product, it’s time to talk about wine!

Purple Angel is a stunning & bold red with flavours that seduce you. The evolution of the once french Carmenère grape takes on a whole new life in Chile and the warmth of the country comes through in the wine. A smokiness underlies dark berries and it’s stunning soft finish. Hands down my favourite of the wines available that I have tried so far!

For those of you looking for a high end product and to fall in love with a bottle of wine, Alpha M is the bottle for you. The amount of love and attention that goes into each bottle is inspiring & makes me want a case in my condo at all times for special occasions. “Aurelio goes as far as painstakingly selecting individual grapes rather than bunches at harvest time, in his aim for supreme quality, eliminating variables that might compromise quality. Coming from the best vines at our Finca de Apalta estate.”

To see the full line of products available (and there are a LOT so get ready for a wine adventure) make sure to check out the website here and click on the “Our Selection” tab.

For our Ontario fans, head to your local LCBO and ask for Montes Wines or click here to see which product is waiting for you to enjoy.

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One of my favourite parts of the Montes Wines website is the Angel’s Kitchen which has beautiful recipes paired with beautiful wines. I would encourage you all to check it out for some added Food Porn to accompany your glass of Montes wine.

As a brand, I now love not only their product but their perspective. For more information on the sustainability of Montes Wines, make sure to click here. To stay inspired by the beauty of Chile and the delicious wines it produces, follow @MontesWines on Twitter and Instagram.

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Photos: Montes Wines

Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive


Daniel Desforges