Food & Wine | Oscar ready with PIPER-HEIDSIECK

Award season is in full swing, and tonight is The 88th Academy Awards ceremony, otherwise known as The Oscars. Although I am packing for another amazing trip, it is one of my favourite award shows to watch and I’ll be taking some time to sit and enjoy them. Julio is usually live tweeting the fashion from the red carper, while we enjoy a meal together. But what to drink… this year it’s all about PIPER-HEIDSIECK, one of the oldest Champagne houses in the world, and we have all the reasons why!

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Now, obviously it’s the perfect choice to cheers to a special night, but I’m also a sucker for a good history.

“François d’Aulan the eldest son of the Marquis Jean de Suarez d’Aulan and Yolande Kunkelmann, took over the business in 1957 He presided over PIPER-HEIDSIECK Champagnes for thirty-three years. During this time he focused on the development of the company and the preservation of the family heritage. In 1988 he passed on the torch to the Hériard Dubreuil family, who consolidated the international development of the Maison. Then in 2011, the Descours family took over the reins. Christopher Descours, grandson of Jean-Louis Descours, a major figure in the National Council of French Employers, who holds the future of this great Maison in his hands. What a history!”

Not to mention the fact that PIPER-HEIDSIECK has been supporting the cinematic community for decades. 

“From the early 1930s, the house has long supported the grand cinema with boldness and grandeur. In 1964, PIPER-HEIDSIECK created a tailor-made 48-liter bottle to celebrate Rex Harrison’s Oscar for his role in MY FAIR LADY. In order to support the enrichment and preservation of film heritage, PIPER-HEIDSIECK works with the French Cinémathèque and the American Cinémathèque. It has also been the official champagne of the International Cannes Film Festival for more than 20 years.”

I know that as we sip on the elegance of this beautiful champagne tonight, it will help to create the perfect evening with the one I love. I encourage you to pick up a few extra bottles as we have to keep the fridge stocked all year round. Because let’s be honest, there’s always an occasion for a special bottle of bubbly!


For more information on our champagne of choice this year for The #Oscars and to get #PiperReady, head over to the PIPER-HEIDSIECK website. 

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Photos: Piper-Heidsieck & Daniel Reyes

Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive


Daniel Reyes