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Ok, so we JUST got home from the show and let me just say it was SOO good!! A few weeks ago, I posted about Disney on Ice’s newest show, 100 Years of Magic, and tonight was opening night in Ottawa. Lyric was SO excited when he got home from school, knowing tonight was the night! He picked out his outfit, Buzz Lightyear (obviously), and I sent him up for a nap. The show didn’t start until 7pm, which is already a half hour past his bedtime, so I knew he needed a little rest to make it through the night. Now, after watching the show, it could’ve started at midnight and he still would’ve loved it!


With a cast of over 50 people and a set list with over 30 songs, it’s easy to see why the night was a HIT! I’ll admit, I’m a complete sucker for live entertainment, especially where singing and/or dancing is involved, but this show blew me away! I was singing along, and Lyric was in AWE pretty much the entire time (see photo above! hehe). I couldn’t get over how incredible the costumes were! Absolutely spot on.

Lucky for you, the show is still in town until February 28th, so there is lots of time to check it out! I asked Lyric what his favourite parts were, and besides saying “all of it!”, he said he loved the dancing, the music and the snow. I couldn’t resist taking a bunch of photos, so browse through the gallery to see if you can spot your favourite Disney character(s)!

Hopefully you got a taste of the show and how spectacular an event it was. Lyric is already talking about the next show! For more information on tickets to the show and which city they’re in next, head to Disney on Ice. Be sure to tweet me about how much you loved the show, and which were your favourite parts. Also, follow along on my mommy adventures & get a behind the scenes look into my life, follow my Instagram Account today. We’d love to have you join us!

Photos via: Amanda Hayden Photography

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