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Food & Wine | Stop the presses. Little Caesars Bacon Wrapped Crust DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pizza has arrived in Canada

Yes. That’s right. That delicious concoction of 3.5 feet of bacon wrapped crust from the geniuses at Little Caesars has arrived in the great white north. Few foods get me as excited as pizza does and this is certainly one for the records.

“The new Bacon Wrapped Crust DEEP!DEEP! Dish pizza is an 8-corner deep dish pizza wrapped in decadent whole strips of thick-cut, crispy bacon, and then topped with pepperoni and even more chewy pieces of savoury bacon goodness. This new limited-time pizza offering is an extension of Little Caesars popular DEEP!DEEP!™ Dish product – an  8-corner, large pizza featuring a crunchy crust with caramelized cheese edges and topped with pepperoni and cheese.”

Yes. I will be eating this. And yes. It will be delicious.

To find your local Little Caesars in Canada and take the plunge with me, click here.

To follow along with a leader in the industry for freshness and innovation, make sure to follow @LittleCaesars on Twitter & Instagram.  Use the #Bacon hashtag to join in the social media conversation when you indulge in one of the best pizzas available for a limited time!

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