Food & Wine | Second Cup Coffee Co. launches their NEW rewards program!

I may have reduced my caffeine intake lately while trying to get fit after speaking with Catherine about the benefits in doing so, but goodness knows I am not giving it up for good. I can’t imagine a world without the coffee I enjoy every morning. Thanks to our friends at Second Cup Coffee Co., you’ve now got even more reasons to enjoy their delicious products with the introduction of Second Cup Coffee Co. RewardsCome and see why I have already signed up and am looking forward to my daily visit now with a few extra perks.

We’ve been fans of Second Cup for as long as I can remember, and even Catherine was excited to jump on the caffeine bandwagon (in moderation of course) with us recently. Take a look at her feature to find out a bit more about the healthy habits you can create with caffeine and why despite what you’ve heard, it’s actually not bad for you!

The recent addition of the #SecondCupRewards program is a huge leap in the right direction for one of our favourite Canadian companies. Joining the program couldn’t be easier:

“To join Rewards, customers can simply download the FREE Second Cup Coffee Co. Rewards app from the App Store or Google Play, or pick up a card in café. Members can even use the app on their Apple®Watch, making Second Cup Coffee Co. one of the first Canadian companies to debut an app for the new device.”

second cup

Take a look at the newly launched program in the following video and see how easy it is to be a part of the fun with us on your daily coffee run to Second Cup Coffee Co.

“Second Cup Coffee Co. Rewards members earn 10 points for every dollar spent and will start earning points simply by signing up. To launch the Rewards program, those who join before May 20, will also enjoy a welcome offer of 500 points – redeemable for a FREE brewed coffee, espresso or tea beverage, of any size, made exactly to their liking. Special surprises along the way like a free beverage on their membership anniversary date and other personalized bonus offers, mean members can enjoy rewards even faster.”

I’ve already downloaded and used the beautifully designed App on my Samsung Mobile Device. The points I earn & rewards tailored to me is a easy addition to my morning run to the Second Cup down the street from the office.

To join the program today, click on the links above for your specific devices or Apple Watch. And if you don’t want your Apple Watch, I’ll HAPPILY take it off your hands. Just saying.

To join the program online today, make sure to click here now and collect extra points before May 10th just for signing up!

To find your local Second Cup location, make sure to click here.

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Photos: Second Cup Coffee Co.


Daniel Desforges