Food & Wine | Summer just got a LOT sweeter thanks to Dare Candy Co.

With the summer months right around the corner, I couldn’t be more excited to share with you some sweet news from Dare Candy Co. for Canadians from coast to coast. We are excited to share that several new REAL flavours have launched, which are made with real fruit and are peanut AND gelatin freeNot to mention that starting Friday June 3, there is a Treats Truck which will be hitting the streets of Vancouver, Toronto, & Calgary, you can bet we will be snacking on our favourite gummies all summer long. Come see why we are so excited!

A fun fact about Julio & I is that we love to snack – and gummies are Julio’s weakness! We’ve been a huge fan of the REALFRUIT gummies for years and I regularly picked them up for him while grocery shopping. The addition of the following flavours means that I have a lot more reasons to surprise him with something sweet. Plus I always love to have candy that is made with healthier choices in mind in the house, which is one of the many reasons Dare Candy Co. is our go to.

DYK that:

  • In Toronto, friends (47%) and love interests (41%) top the list of who we’re most likely to share a sweet with. Parents, beware – only 9% of Torontonians plan to share candy with a parent! **
  • Flavour purists rise to the top: 54% of Canadians in Calgary prefer to eat candy one flavour at a time. **
  • A question as old as water – red versus black? Millennials share a strong affinity for red jubes, and are seven times more like to prefer red over black jubes (61% say they like red and only 8% say black). Baby boomers on the other hand, are split down the middle. **
  • What’s in your glovebox? 71% of Canadians living in Vancouver like to bring candy along for the ride as part of their summer road trip experience. **

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REALJubes RedREALJubes Black REALJubes Sour are all Gluten free, fat free, free of artificial flavours, gelatin free. Sometimes, you have a favourite flavour (Julio’s is grape and he picks those all out first). These new additions will let you enjoy your favourite flavour without fighting over the bag.

REALSOUR #DareCandy #DoTheDaniel

REALSOURs StripsREALSOURs Sticks have no artificial colours or flavours, and are gelatin free. If you like to pucker up these are definitely for you! And again, a school friendly snack for the kids that will sure to keep them happy when they earn a special treat!

REALFRUIT gummies #DareCandy #DoTheDaniel

REALFRUIT Superfruits, REALFRUIT Medley & REALFRUIT Tropical are made with no artificial colours or flavours, gluten free, AND are made with real fruit.  Did I also mention that they are so delicious that I MAY eat them by the handful… 

To celebrate the launch of these delicious new products, Dare Candy Co. will be launching the Treats Truck on the streets of Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. Sampling these and many other delicious candy to make your summer sweet, I am eagerly following @DareCandyCA on Twitter for instructions on where to find it all summer long. Free candy? I mean. Is there anything better!?!?! 


“Knowing that candy is top-of-mind for Canadians this summer, Dare Candy Co. has answered the call with a mobile treats truck hitting Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. Canadians will have the chance to sample the sweets they so desire, and Dare’s diverse offering is guaranteed to satisfy the sweet tooth in everyone. Looking for candy that’s made with real fruit? Gelatin free? What about candy to satisfy your pomegranate craving, or love for all black jubes? Dare Candy Co. has thought of it all, including lunchbox candy – all of which is peanut free!”

If you need Julio and I, chances are you’ll find us at the truck while it’s in Toronto! For more information on Dare Candy Co. and their full lineup of products available for the summer, make sure to check out their website here.

Join in on the sweet social media conversation all summer long (and as mentioned to track the Treats Truck!) by following @DareCandyCA on Twitter and by ‘Liking’ the Dare Candy Co. Facebook page. Tell us which delicious flavour you love most and make sure to share your Treat Truck moments  

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Photos: Dare Candy Co. & Daniel Reyes

** About the Survey
From April 29th 2016 to May 2nd 2016, two surveys were conducted online. The first was among a sample of 1,509 Canadian adults age 18+ who are also Angus Reid Forum panel members and the second was with 100 residents of Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Halifax. The margin of error — which measures sampling variability — would be +/-2.5%, 19 times out of 20 on the first survey and +/-4.4 on the second survey. The sample for the first study was balanced by age, gender, region and education (and in Quebec language) according to the most recent census data and the second was balance on age and gender within each city. Discrepancies in or between totals are due to rounding.