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Food & Wine | The Summer of L’apéro & Lillet Blanc

With the upcoming summer upon us (anyone else notice how we skipped spring and went right to the hot stuff?), the pending patios and warm summer nights await. Be you a fan of enjoying the hustle of the city nightlife or entertaining guests at home, the energy of the summer is coming. What better time then now to be in the know what hot summer cocktails and beverages to enjoy? I am so excited to tell you all about the newest summer entertaining trend of l’apéro & Lillet Blanc.


The french custom of apéro is similar to the idea of Spanish siesta or the North American happy hour. The concept is simply really and one that I would love for you to enjoy along with me. Gathering with friends after work, sipping well crafted drinks and nibbling on your favourite snacks. Nothing sounds more summer to me when I think about sunshine. Il faut dire bonjour à lété!

What better way to celebrate this French custom then with the Bordeaux made apertif, Lillet Blanc. As I’m sure you will have noticed in your local watering hole or favourite cocktail lounge, the classic cocktail has made a resurgence. It’s about timeless elegance and reviving the old recipes from coast to coast. The romance of it all is captivating to a hopeless romantic like me.  And for the cocktail lover, it offers options that you might not have chosen to enjoy in years past.


“With hints of honey, candied orange, lime, and fresh mint, Lillet Blanc is a versatile spirit. It is best enjoyed neat, on ice with an orange twist but is most well-known as the signature ingredient in your favourite Vesper martini.  For the ultimate apéro experience, enjoy Lillet Blanc with nuts, Provençal olives and paper-thin slices of saucisson sec.”

Sounds pretty much perfect, wouldn’t you agree?

For those of you in Ontario, Lillet Blanc is available at the LCBO for $17.95

For more exciting recipes and inspiration for your own personal apéro, make sure to head to the Lillet Blanc Recipe page and try them out. Make sure to tweet @Lillet1872 & @DoTheDaniel to tell us your favourite! Tag us on Instagram and bring us along as you enjoy this classic cocktail in modern ways.

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Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive.

Photos: Lillet Blanc


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