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Food & Wine | Time to take YOUR #PantsOff with!

With the world running at full speed, it’s always nice to know that when Julio & I don’t have time to cook that we can turn to our go-to the website & mobile app of choice for delicious dinner options. On top of great options, accessibility to new restaurants in our city and online paymnet options, there’s now an even BETTER reason to order your next meal with @JustEatCA. That’s right… it’s time to take your #PantsOff, throw your feet up and enjoy a night in with delicious food and a great contest! Let me tell you how here. With so many restaurants to choose from in our local area, it’s sometimes difficult to choose. JustEat has a fantastic ability to have them all right at your fingertips and have an optimized way of getting your meals to your door with the help of delivery software similar to last mile delivery software.

The Pants Off phenomena is not a new one to those of us who just want to stay in and enjoy a meal without the trouble of getting dressed up. Running until August 31st, the #PantsOff party is one that I want you ALL to join in on! Julio & I enjoyed our Pants Off Pizza Party with and so should you before the contest closes at the end of the month.


So what inspired the #PantsOff party notion with Well, studies showed “that the majority of people who According to JUST EAT’s data, a significant number of customers order in their underwear.” I know that we are guilty of greeting those delivery drivers at the condo door in our undies. But after a long day, who DOESN’T? Let’s be honest!

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So how can you join in? Well, before August 31st why not host YOUR own Pizza party and take your very own #PantsOff photo. Tag @JUSTEATca on twitter & instagram with the #PantsOff hashtag for your chance to be 1 of 30 winners chosen. To check participating Pizzarias click here.

Make sure to tag @DoTheDaniel to show me just how saucy you like your pizza party so that I can share along in the fun with you all!

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