Food & Wine | Château Angelus’ 2012 is truly golden

It’s been a little while since I spoke about my other true love in life… Wine. Although I am the biggest supporter of Canadian wine both locally and on a global scale, some of my favourite wines are in fact “old world” wines from the ancestors of the wine world. France is, in my opinion, the leader in wine production and holding its standards to the highest level of precision and finesse. Enter Château Angelus and their stunning brand made in the wine region of Saint-Émilion and you have a beautiful representation of just this. Now, how do you make a beautiful bottle of wine reflect it’s inner beauty? Let me tell you.


So why now? The history of this iconic winery is truly a testament to French Wine making and the importance of tradition. To celebrate an incredible vintage, an incredible bottle had to be created. The gold embossed detail and historical attributes bestowed on the bottle truly help to illuminate the pride that is taken with every grape, every bottle and every seal.

angelus 1

For those of you looking for a beautiful bottle of French Wine, look no further.  I mean, they fell in love with it so much that a feature film was made to help celebrate the arrival of something so unique.

Make sure to check the Château Angelus website for how you can find it in your neighbourhood. With such exclusivity, I don’t see this being an easy bottle of wine to find but it will be worth the hunt.

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Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive.

Photos: Château Angelus


Daniel Desforges

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