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It’s that time of year again – Winterlicious is back! The next few weeks are meant to celebrate some of the best food & dinning experiences that the city of Toronto has to offer. Although I love this time of year, I only have the opportunity to enjoy a few select locations to see their prix fixe menus. One of these was of course America, located on the 31st floor of Trump International Hotel & Tower. Julio, Catherine & I had the opportunity to sit down to enjoy almost the entire menu, and I’ve got my favourite items you simply have to try!

Winterlicious runs from January 29 – February 11th in Toronto. To see the full list of participating restaurants make sure to click here and make your reservations now before it’s too late!

The concept is that the participating restaurants create a prix fixe menu to showcase their skill & expertise in a snapshot. It is not only affordable, but also helps to create a fun to-do list of checking out some of the best restaurants in the city.

America is one of our favourite restaurants in the city – and it’s home, one of our favourite hotels. Both the lunch and dinner menus (see below) have optional wine pairings which can help to make for the perfect experience.

America #OBLicious Lunch Menu DoTheDaniel

America #OBLicious Dinner Menu DoTheDaniel

Starting the night off with a Winterlicious themed cocktail, we laughed and caught up for the first time in weeks. Though we were participating on social media, we also ensured to pay attention to one another just as much. America offers a romantic sentiment of sophistication and relaxation in a perfect balance. 

America #OBLicious Cocktail Menu DoTheDaniel

If I can make a recommendation from the cocktail menu, try the Jacuzzi. It was Julio’s favourite and a playful addition to a playful meal. If you don’t drink like Catherine, the Vanilla Orchid was absolutely incredible. OR, if you’re like me and like to be a little more adventurous, let your server pick a cocktail for you. They usually can provide you with something you might not have normally ordered, but can expand your horizons.

Onto the food!


Good meals & good friends

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The great thing about going with a few friends for Winterlicious is the ability for everyone to order something different – ultimately allowing you to try everything! I wouldn’t recommend passing plates around the table because that might be a bit disruptive to those around you, but do what makes you happy.

My personal favourite items from the night included:


Shaved Smoked Brisket Plate – 

“rye berries, bourbon thousand island, bacon & celeriac choucroute” was a perfect dish as my first course. Combining the deep flavours of brisket that have been slowly cooked into the meat with a savoury dressing created this familiar flavour combo.

Northern Woods Mushroom Potato Bake –  

“caramelized onion, arugula, parmigiano-reggiano” – I have never, in 32 years, said the following but… The vegetarian option was my favourite. All four options are delicious, but there was something particularly incredible about the combination of potato, wild mushrooms and parmigiano-reggiano. Complex and completely decadent in all the right ways. I didn’t manage to snap a good photo of the dish – it’s the round plate on the right in the banner image above – it was just that good!


Jasper Hill Cheddar Whiz –

“milk jam, flatbread” might not sound like dessert, but if you enjoy cheese as much as I do, this is the only choice that matters. Light and fluffy, the airy texture is something you dip your flatbread into while snacking on sweet & salty beer nuts. It’s one of the most amazing desserts I have had in a long time and will keep you intrigued!

The entirety of the Winterlicious menus help to showcase the skill of the America chefs and I am still smiling thinking back on this amazing meal. I recommend that you make you reservations IMMEDIATELY to experience it for youself. 

Make sure to follow @OliverBonacini & @America_Toronto on Instagram and Twitter. While enjoying your meal, share your favourite dish while using the hashtag #OBLicious to enter into a contest to win a $25.00 O&B giftcard!

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Get out and enjoy all the best that Toronto has to offer and Happy #LiciousTO!

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Photos: Daniel Reyes & Julio Reyes


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