A New Way To Show That You #RememberThem

Growing up in Ottawa in my teens and early twenties, I really came to appreciate Remembrance Day every year. If you have never experienced the pomp and circumstance of November 11th in our Nation’s Capital, I highly recommend you plan a trip to do so at some point in your life. The moment of silence that washes over the city while you stand with Canadians of all walks of life is something quite moving.

The month of November is one of the most beautiful in my opinion because the last of the coloured leaves cling to the trees and the nights get a little colder. We all wait (some of us less willingly than others) as the frost arrives and the snow begins to appear. It reminds me of cuddling with someone special and giving thanks for another incredible year as we inch towards the holidays. It’s also a time when you’ll see most Canadians adorning their iconic red poppies on their fall & winter jacket lapels. It’s something that always instills a sense of patriotism for me personally, and so when I found out about this year’s addition of the digital poppy and how it gives back to the Royal Canadian Legion, I knew that I had to share this with Canadians from coast-to-coast. 

Earlier this fall The Royal Canadian Legion launched the first-ever digital Poppy.  Canada’s new, shareable, digital Poppy represents a fresh, invigorated approach to the Royal Canadian Legion’s annual national Poppy campaign & Canadians will be able to customize and download their digital poppy at www.mypoppy.ca. All poppies are available, with donations supporting the Legion’s Poppy Fund.

Now, it’s something that we have all experienced, and so this is for those of you who (like me) lose at least one of the poppies you wear throughout the season. I remember trying everything to keep it on. Erase nubs on the end of the pin. Bending it into a knot in the label. Nothing seemed to work, and while I love donating several times – this is also a great way to support Remembrance Day this year and you can’t lose it! I think that’s actually a pretty fantastic idea. So once I hit publish on this blog post and head to www.mypoppy.ca to customize my very own, I’ll also donate and wear a physical one. This is a cause that we all know and should support in every way we can. Customizing your poppy takes no time at all, and you can make a donation amount of your choosing. 

So pleasure join the ranks of Margaret Atwood, Justin Bieber, Sandra Oh and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to post your digital Poppy along with us. Let’s all make a pledge to never forget those who served and sacrificed for our freedom. I’ll be dedicating it to the men and women who have fought for our freedom. For each of them I stood and saluted over the years in Ottawa, and for the fact that as Canadians it is important to stand together for a cause that touches us all. 

Please join us in supporting this incredible campaign, and of course the social media conversation around it. Follow @RoyalCanadianLegion on Instagram, @RoyalCdnLegion on Twitter and by ‘Liking’ the official Canadian Legion Facebook Page. Use and follow the #GetYourPoppy and #RemembranceDay hashtags to get your friends and family to do the same and let us all join together for another beautiful moment of solidarity leading up to and on Remembrance Day 2018. 

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Photos: Canadian Legion, Daniel Reyes & all Social Media accounts listed above


Daniel Reyes

Mobile photos were taken with my #HuaweiP20Pro on the Rogers network