A Beautiful Change Of Pace

Today I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge all the people that help to make DoTheDaniel.com a success around the world. It’s not just the #DTDteam as we continue to grow and expand, but it is also the friends and family that support us. It’s you the reader, and of course the brands that work with us to make us look and feel our best. At the end of the day, I spend a lot of time in the public eye and I want to always feel my best. That being said, as I’ve gotten older, I have come to realize that the choices I make should be responsible ones. From supporting eco-friendly and socially responsible brands such as Outland Denim (click here to read about them if you haven’t yet) to the salon I frequent to keep my wild head of hair tamed, life is about making the right decisions lately. So it’s why I am excited to announce that we’ve partnered with worldSALON here in Toronto as our salon of choice. And there are quite a few reasons why this change is for the better. 

So why the change you ask? Well as many of you have noticed I have been working on myself both inside and out in 2018. There is a certain sense of transformation and introspection in the blog posts I have been writing and I feel as though I have been (at times given a healthy push towards) reconnecting with myself. So when I had a chance to sit down with Brian Phillips, owner of worldSALON and founder of WORLD – his own line of beauty products that he sells and uses at the salon – I was inspired to make a change for the better for myself. 

Coming back to being a brunette after almost two years as a blonde wasn’t just a marketing ploy. It was actually born of a desire to reconnect with myself a little more. Over the last five years, I have expressed myself with the clothes I wear and my hairstyles in more ways than I realized. Though the blonde was a LOT of fun, it was also really hard on my hair. Coming back to something a little closer to my natural hair colour made me feel more like me. A little more Daniel, a little less “Do The” if that makes sense. Followed by, and in conjunction with, my fitness journey and new BonLook glasses (click here) I am feeling more like myself one day at a time. 

But why worldSALON specifically? Their brand philosophy is one that is quite rare in the world of beauty and salons. What many people don’t realize is that the world of hair and beauty treatments, there are SO many chemicals and pollutants used. And while it is lovely to get the look you want with a talented stylist, are we really giving into an industry that is hurting our bodies and the planet? Similar to why Outland Denim spoke to me, Brian brought me through his journey of realizing he could do better. 

“worldSALON, the only salon in Canada that heats its water from the sun, has received many accolades for it’s sustainable practices. Established in 1989 in the historic St. Lawrence Market Area of downtown Toronto, worldSALON has become an institution in the city. Frequented by movers and shakers in the media, business, fashion and film worlds, the salon has a buzzy feel that is kind and relaxing. Our focus on sustainability and health also attracts many who are interested in “beautiful hair, without a toxic hangover.”
worldSALON is also the flagship store for WORLD Hair and SKIN (world.ca), a healthy product line that is safe, easy to use, environmentally friendly and tested and perfected in a salon environment for years. Our products clean, nourish and protect the hair and skin with professional performance and healthy ingredients. WORLD Hair and Skin is CLEAN, MINIMAL and EFFECTIVE. We are proud to be one of the original members of Green Circle Salons, an inspirational company that recycles & repurposes hair, foils, colour tubes, papers and plastics and diverts excess hair chemicals from being rinsed down the drain.”
So not only am I sitting down to some me time (a rare treat with my crazy schedule) when I visit the salon, but I am also making smarter decisions about my impact on my body and the environment. The sad part is that Brian is a trail blazer in this respect and more companies and salons aren’t getting on board. So it’s time to ask yourself when you’re in the city, what do you want to support? Where do you want to spend your dollars and what effect will it have in the long run? Its about making better decisions and I personally believe that you owe it to yourself to support businesses like worldSALON.
And if you’re dedicated to your stylist – as many of us are – consider trying WORLD Hair and Skin products to make a difference at home. Having tried them over the last few weeks since sitting down in Johnathan’s chair I can say my hair feels and looks so much healthier than it has in the past. Small changes make the biggest difference. And I want you to feel and look your best as I try to do the same. 
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