When it doubt, a new fragrance always helps me

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I love fragrances. I have probably around four to five of them on the go at once, and save the important ones I receive as gifts for the most special of occasions. That being said, if you’re also like me, you are probably due for a bit of a refresh on that shelf in the bathroom or place on your drawer. I’m here to share with you about H24 Herbes Vives by Hermès and how it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite scents of 2024.

Herbes Vives emerges when rain strikes, breaking a man’s stride. Transforming the perception of space, rain illuminates greenery in a multitude of shades and scents, reveals unique emotions, reactivates energy, and offers men a different perspective.”

I’ve always loved the descriptors of parfums, eau de toilette and eau de parfum. Like me they are overly romantic and love to tell a story.

“The result is a dreamy, layered take on a fresh, aromatic scent that is somehow both familiar and unlike anything else in your collection. That is the true genius of Nagel: an ability to take our expectation of what a fragrance can be and twist it on its head to show us something we never anticipated.” wrote Garrett Munce for Esquire.

Hermès H24 Herbes Vives Eau de Parfum. Price in CAD $135.00 50ML/$179.00 100ML.

Hermès H24 Herbes Vives Eau de Parfum

Available at Hermès boutiques across Canada and hermes.com

Photos by: Hermès, and participating brands

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