Can we take a moment to talk about Mississauga ?

With 2024 well underway and so many fabulous destinations to explore in Canada, I’ve been recently sharing places that I and we have loved to explore. We all know that Toronto is home in my heart, and recently upon a visit to Mississauga for a brand event, I got to thinking about it as both a destination for tourists and Torontonians alike. This is my first of many online love letters and why you should consider to #VisitMississauga in 2024 like I plan to.

For those of you familiar with Visit Mississauga, you’ll know that there’s always been the draw of Square One for some of the best shopping around, and of course there are incredible annual events, family attractions, beautiful hotels and some of the best food & drink destinations. I am excited to be visiting for myself in the coming days and wanted to share what a day full of outdoor activities looks like.

First up on a beautiful winter day in Mississauga is breakfast at Café Panchita. A rustic spot in the heart of the city, they offer delicious breakfast options like delicious artisanal sourdough and breads, wholesome and healthy options as well, and from what I am told they have a viral pistachio croissant that I’m obviously going to have to try for myself and give you the inside scoop about.

Click here to see what everyone is raving about it – but be careful, it will make you hungry almost immediately!

Following a satisfying breakfast it’ll be time to explore all the amazing outdoor experiences. Did you know that Mississauga has over 500 parks and over 400kms of multi-use trails? I honestly has no idea and I am excited to explore Rattray Marsh, which is an environmental gem along Mississauga’s Lake Ontario shoreline, and features a shale beach and pedestrian boardwalk. There is also a newly Opened Ice Rink (open as of Feb 17, 2024) alongside beautiful Credit River which I will be checking out for myself both for the views and to enjoy the beautiful nature and outdoor ambiance that Mississauga has to offer.

Click here for the winter inspiration you need to come visit as well!

After skating in the sun and even a few of those beautiful snow days, it would have worked up quite an appetite and therefore it would be time to head to East Tea Can for some authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. A personal favourite of mine, I’ve heard only good things and can’t wait to warm myself with their delicious menu and some warm tea.

And of course it wouldn’t be a visit to Mississauga without a stop by Ontario’s largest shopping mall, Square One Shopping Centre, which boasts 330+ stores, including a large collection brands, entertainment & dining experiences and the finest in home decor & technology. Gone are the days when I remember being a teenager, mall walking and hanging out at the “food court”. These destination now offer some of the most diverse cultures and cuisines, like that in the Food District, which is a on-stop-eat for all foodies.

I’m told that some of the must-try the Jamaican patties at Patties Express & Bubble Tea at Tao. Duly noted for my upcoming visit! This year I want to showcase destinations that some may have taken for granted and offer a new perspective on thriving cities and places like Mississauga. Make sure to follow along with me when I visit for the first of several times in the coming days!

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