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How To Adult

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As you may have noticed, 2017 has been a busy year for me both personally and professionally. The most important thing that I have learned is that it takes time to achieve the things I want in life. One of those big factors, be it finding a new home or planning to adopt a baby, is my credit.

For a long time, I was like many of you: I didn’t want to talk about money or budgets. But as I’ve grown-up, I am becoming more comfortable with the idea that good things take time. This is why I am excited to announce our partnership with Capital One Canada to share their new Credit Keeper™ ® tool, which allows me to track and watch my credit score improve. Knowledge is power, and Capital One customers are now more empowered than ever to take control of their financial goals. 

So, what exactly is Credit Keeper? It’s an online tool that allows Capital One Canada customers to see their credit score in nearly real-time. For someone like myself, who is in the process of planning big steps, it’s a necessary tool for me to understand where I stand financially while building credit.

Why is it important to know your credit score? Well, over the next few months I will take you along on my journey with Capital One Canada to share my score and what it means for my future. I will reveal how I am working towards increasing my score and the likelihood of achieving my goals sooner by being a Capital One cardholder. I’ve checked my score and can’t wait to share more about what I have learned about myself!

For more information on Credit Keeper and planning your future, make sure to check out

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* Credit Keeper is a service offered by Capital One and is powered by credit history and score information provided by TransUnion. Availability may vary depending on the ability to verify your identity and obtain your information from TransUnion. The credit score provided by Credit Keeper is intended for your educational use only. Lenders and other commercial users may use a different type of credit score and other information when making credit decisions. Currently, Credit Keeper isn’t available for Capital One customers who live in the province of Quebec, or who have a Capital One Mastercard exclusively for Costco members.

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