A Recipe For Success

I have come to not only love fashion over the years, but really appreciate it and it’s importance. Whether it’s my choice to support more ethical brands or finding a collaboration that speaks to my personal style, each item in my closet is a reflection of who I am today and who I want to be tomorrow. A few weeks ago I found out about the artistic and socially conscious LACOSTE x KEITH HARING collection from Lacoste and I fell in love with the idea of fashion and art coming together in a recipe for success. So it only made sense that I tell you all about it so you too can find inspiration this spring and all year long!

Keith Haring, for those of you who don’t know, was a pop art icon that changed the world of art forever. From “Barking Dog” to “Heart”, chances are you’ve seen some of his art at some point or another in your life. The career of this man mirrors that of René Lacoste in that he did what he wanted, the way he wanted to, despite opposition and critics. I recently read a quote that helped me to identify with Keith’s outlook on life and it stuck with me.

“Whatever you do, the only secret is to believe in it and satisfy yourself. Don’t do it for anyone else.” – Keith Haring ?


It’s no shock that I am a lover of Lacoste and what they have done with the brand over the last five years since I launched the blog. Click here to see what I mean and what other items are hanging in my closet as staples in my wardrobe. This new collection brings together eccentricity, tangible energy and a vibrancy to both the men’s and women’s pieces. It’s been VERY difficult to keep my excitement hidden over the last few weeks since I received some of the items from Lacoste, and I am so happy that you all get to finally join in on the excitement with me now!

When art and fashion come together, the world becomes a more beautiful place in my opinion. I encourage you to head to the Lacoste website and get your hands on the new collection when it launches in Canada later this month.

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Photos: Lacoste, Daniel Reyes & all Social Media accounts listed

Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

Daniel Reyes

Mobile photos were taken with my #HuaweiP20Pro on the Rogers network