Levi’s® and The Simpsons are About to Make Everything Better

I am continue to tell myself that Spring is around the corner and with that belief it means that I can star to think about my wardrobe. By now we all know that Levi’s Canada and I are synonymous for fashion forward pieces and cool collections. 2022 is no different and I’m here to share some details about the Levi’s® and The Simpsons major throwback vibe for Spring/Summer 2022.

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Three Things You Didn’t Know About Levis

Now more than ever, it seems as though many of us are taking a long look in the mirror and evaluating what is important to us. While I am in the process of some introspection and personal “fine-tuning” of sorts, I have come to realize there are some things I know about brands and people that you may not. So today, it’s all about three things I bet you didn’t know about Levi’s Canada and why I continue to support them while shedding myself of brands that no longer speak to me and life as I know it.

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Go Ahead and Break The Rules. I dare you.

I’ve never been one to follow trends or fall in line. My mom stills tells the story of me in kindergarten being put in time out to think about what I did. When the teacher turned back around from the chalk board, I was back in circle time. When she asked me why I wasn’t in the corner, I promptly replied “You told me to think about what I did. And I’m done with that now.”

Guess she got a preview of the man I would become one day. Self-assured, but always a little bit of a charismatic rebel. It’s why my fashion choices (albeit usually pre-approved by my fashion blogging husband) have been a way to express myself and break the rules as well. This summer, my must have wardrobe items might just surprise you.

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