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The New Year is upon us, and with it, the infamous “New Year’s Resolution.” For the most part, many of us will swear to get to the gym five times a week, or give up junk food for good. But let’s face it, by the time February rolls around the thought of the New Year Resolution has long faded into the background.

Luckily, Chi Junky has got just the right idea by opening The Wellness Concierge & Private Yoga Studio will open to the public and new members of all walks of life. The idea is one that helps even the “worst” of us stay on track when it comes to our health.


I had the pleasure of sitting down with founder Rachelle Wintzen before the launch to ask her exactly what Chi Junky was all about and what she means when she says #GetAddicted. Please note, this is a term being used to describe the idea of finding a passion for exercise when you have, up until now, viewed it in a negative light. True addiction is not the aim, and excessive exercise can in fact be damaging to your health.

What is the new Chi Junky all about?

Our space creates a home away from home and makes health and wellness accessible to even the busiest person! We offer everything from personal holistic chefs to prep your meals for the week to fresh delivered nut ‘Mylk’ to private yoga. Not only are we making a healthy lifestyle simplified, practical and accessible there are services affordable on all budgets. I am so excited to be able to help more people live a better quality of life naturally. The biggest struggle with living a healthy life is time and the know how. Chi Junky does the work for you, you just need to show up!

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, why is a tailored approach so important to you and your clients? 

It’s essential that every service and every menu is tailored to the individual. It is what we pride ourselves on, as every BODY is unique so should be your experience at the Chi Junky studio. Not one person in the world is the same, therefore your path to a healthier you should be different from the next.

What’s the best way to get the Chi Junky experience for those who might be intimidated by the Chi Junky concept? 

Our whole philosophy is to make health and wellness accessible to all walks of life. No matter where you are or what your life experience, it is never too late to change. It just takes one small step. We are here to support you and your vision of health and make it a reality. No matter how impossible it may feel we make things just a little less stressful and lot easier!

What inspired you to live a healthy lifestyle and approach to life? 

I ‘m living proof that it’s never too late to change. We all have our vices towards things that aren’t always good for us and we’re often left feeling bad about ourselves. I wanted to create an addiction for something good and so Chi Junky was born. (Chi Junky translation: addicted to chi (energy) the naturally flowing energy in your body from living a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.) Who wouldn’t want to be addicted to feeling your best?!

With the new year here, what’s your best kept health secret for 2014? 

Having your daily green juice can often be a challenge especially when life gets in the way. I have recently discovered my fave new green juice substitute when you can’t get to the real deal. Pop a few Chlorella pills from Giddy Yoyo! It’s my personal go to when I am not near my juicer! You can grab a bag at Chi Junky! 2014 is all about a healthier you, simplified.



I can’t wait for the big launch on January 25th and to get my own personalized Chi Junky experience. And now you can look forward to the event with Julio & I too!  Simply tweet the following for a chance to enter for two tickets to the exclusive VIP Chi Junky Launch event:

“Hey @DoTheDaniel, I want to #GetAddicted with @ChiJunky for 2014! #DoTheDaniel”

Two winners will be chosen at random Friday January 10th at 5:00pm and will each receive a VIP ticket (plus one) for the evening of January 25th 2014. You aren’t going to want to miss this amazing event full of red carpets, glamourous guests, great food and more!

Hope to see you all at Chi Junky in the upcoming months, so remember to #DoTheDaniel and go #GetAddicted!


Daniel Desforges

Photos: Maria VassermanChi Junky

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