Lifestyle | Christian Rex is showing Canadians how it’s done in Spain

With an overflowing inbox, I find myself having to be quite selective about the brands and products that I have the opportunity to work with being featured on Be it simply because of a demand that I have come to love and appreciate from each and every one of you, or the fact that there is just SO much to write about in this busy world…  I’m sure you can understand where I’m coming from. Be it at the office or simply a busy social life with friends or family. Life gets busy and it gets busy fast.

I always love getting the chance to see beautiful things that make life just a little more beautiful in the hustle and bustle of every day life. Jewellery is one of those things and when it is done properly, it can be that one piece of your wardrobe that completes an outfit, gives you the confidence you need or just makes you happy. Christian Rex, a five year old Spanish jewellery line is one of those brands that simply makes me happy. Lucky for us Canadians, the brand has officially launched in Canada. Let me tell you why you should consider one of their pieces for your day to day like I have for mine.


Now, you know me and my love for all things Spanish. Be it my husband, my food of choice or my favourite wines… So it just seemed natural to me to be drawn to this Spanish design and jewellery. But how did it come to be that the expansion into Canada happened?


” The collection is made up of black-beaded necklaces and bracelets with pops of bright of colour, and Swarovski crystal. The brand is rooted in rock and roll culture, and is most recognized by its iconic skull and trillium charms.”

With a price range from $150-$400+, the available pieces are not only beautiful but affordable. Up against a very expensive and competitive market, Christian Rex is truly making a name for themselves in Canada and I couldn’t be happier.



“Christian Rex uses only the finest materials to hand craft the necklaces and bracelets in the collection. The skulls are pewter, making them hyper allergenic and nickel-free. The black beads are onyx crystal, which are said to provide benefits to skin and boost energy and strength levels. ”

Make sure to check out the latest products available to Canadian by heading to and remember to follow and tweet @Christian_RexNA to tell them what your personal favourites are!

Photos: Christian Rex


Daniel Desforges