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The age of the smartphone is one that I personally love and live my every day life within. Be it for emails, checking my social media feeds or even calling a cab using UBER (our preferred choice of travel in the city).  My life is made better by my mobile device and I’m sure for most of you out there, you feel the same.

Well I was lucky enough to recently be introduced to the Global App HotelTonight and let me tell you, it’s definitely an App you need to add to your personal mobile device or tablet.

Free to download, the app immediately struck me as easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. I know that might seem silly to mention, but when I have downloaded free apps in the past and been ridden with ads I was prone to delete them and never think twice about it. The addition of HotelTonight to my personal mobile device allows me the power to trust that the best hotels I need for the next seven days in the city I might be are right at my finger tips and at a price I simply couldn’t find using traditional online search engines.

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Once I opened the app, I was greeted with pre-loaded hotels in my surrounding area that have hotel rooms available using the GPS in my mobile device. Simple, convenient and right to the point. I selected the hotel of choice (in this instance, I picked the Pantages Hotel in the city core of Toronto) and with a few clicks my reservation was made and confirmed.

No pesky extra steps having to print out confirmation like in days past with online reservations. HotelTonight actually saves all important information for you on the app and allows a seamless check-in.

I also love that the recent update to the app allows you to book up to seven days in advance of your desired date. Making my life as someone who plans out every minute a little better while giving me the freedom to also be spontaneous. The perfect symbiosis for the OCD & adventurous alike!

“The app update gives HotelTonight customers the ultimate freedom in last-minute travel. Booking up to one week ahead of check-in provides the flexibility and convenience to plan a little less for getaways like summer road trips, weekend vacays or last-minute business travel.”

With tips, weather and an easy to use interface, I can assure you that my travel needs will be met time and time again in the future using HotelTonight.


Make sure to download the latest version of HotelTonight for iPhone, iPad, any Android device or Windows Phone and Tablet here.

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