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The weather is getting colder, the nights are getting longer and the impeding W word is on its way… Canada is bracing itself for another iconic season ahead of us and the first thing that I can think of is how I am going to hibernate with Julio to avoid the chill. Lucky for Canadians from coast to coast, shomi has just launched and is the perfect way to hibernate inside and enjoy all your entertainment needs. Come & see how this new power player in the Canadian media realm is the right fit for you in the world of streaming entertainment. AND it’s 100% Canadian!

Recently, we had the chance to get a sneak peek of shomi in Toronto (Follow the #ShomiSneakPeek hashtag online to see our reaction & those of our media colleagues from coast to coast) and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

With the advent of brands such as Netflix and Hulu in the past few years, it was about time that Canada had it’s very own version of streaming entertainment that didn’t require a degree in rocket science to set up in your home.

We were even lucky to meet the team behind shomi and I came to realize the passion they had to create something for entertainment lovers of all ages. ” shomi didn’t emerge from a spreadsheet in a boardroom. shomi was conceived by people with heart. People who sat around the warm glow of a TV set and talked “what ifs” until the sun came up. People who have a passion for entertainment and great storytelling.”

shomi is a sucscription video-on-demande service that stream right into your home of your television, mobile device or tablet. The best part of this amazing and ever growing option is that it is $8.99/ month and you can cancel at any time. Freedom to explore without getting locked into those infamous Canadian media contracts has finally arrived!

Available to Rogers & Shaw customers, make sure to subscribe now for your first 30 days free while you try shomi on for size. Cancel anytime, enjoy in any way you can image and set your entertainment needs free of IP addresses and data restrictions.

03 shomi tablet collections home

01 shomi tablet home

Make sure to check out your shomi account once you have subscribed as new programs and movies are added daily. And If all goes well you might be seeing a special appearance by #FASHIONIGHTS on shomi in the near future!

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