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There is something to be said for this Lifestyle of Fashion thing I keep talking about. But what exactly am I trying to say when I make reference to this newly coined area of focus. Well, every now and again I come across a brand that represents both who I am in my day to day lifestyle AND the fashion choices I like to make. But what about a brand that fits not only me but Catherine & Amanda as well? Let’s take a look at the new Spring / Summer 2014 Bench. collection and how it fits each of us in our own way. Let me tell you how the versatility and adaptability of Bench. can fit your personal Lifestyle of Fashion.

For those of you that haven’t heard of it before, (where have you been, under a rock?) Bench. is a “British born active-inspired brand which designs, sources and markets cool and distinctive products. The brand originated in the late 80s as a niche t-shirt brand… With a reputation for producing easy-wear-clothes with a functional design it continues to be progressive, purposeful and inclusive taking its inspiration from global city cultures and the dynamic young people who bring them alive.”

That’s all fine and dandy… but how does it fit into your life? Let me tell you how it fits into mine and that of the #DoTheDaniel ladies in hopes that you fall in love with Bench. like we all have.

Daniel – The 9-5 life


The business of a 9-5 job in the hustle and bustle of the city can lead to stale and dull fashion options. By default I am told to wear a suit and tie, and than… oh wait, another suit and tie. Now, there is nothing wrong with a man in a well tailored suit but there has to be option to be something other then your job.  The activewear and men’s clothing from Bench. is both functional and beautiful. Though I wish I looked like some of these models, I can be myself in their comfortable ensembles. Do The Daniel requires me to be a lot of things and so does my life. Be in a stylish night on the town, a weekend away with friends or a brunch with family, any occasion can be found in the men’s line. To me, that marks the versatility and strength of a brand name for both fashion AND lifestyle.

Amanda – The Mom on the go


Goodness gracious, after spending an entire day from dawn to dusk with Amanda’s 3 year old I have come to have a new found respect for the busy mom. But let’s be honest, not everyone wants to go to the fashion graveyard and wear the mom jeans. YOU know what brands I am talking about. Mom’s after all are still women and should be proud and feel beautiful of what they wear. Though their lives have changed and evolved with the addition of children, there is no reason to not keep styling while you walk the aisles of the grocery store or pick up the kids at daycare. The mom that proudly wear Bench. women clothing is sure to keep turning heads. With a variety of colour palettes and energetic outfits, every mom deserves her time in the sun with Bench., no matter how old their kids are! And p.s., the kids stuff? cuteness overload!

Catherine – Healthy & Hot


Now this is a tough one to limit to one category. A young entrepeneuse, a Holistic Nutritionist, a musician and a woman all rolled into one. How on earth do you tackle so many tasks in such little time? It’s a good thing that Bench. has got the young go-getter woman on the run and doing twelve things at once covered too. It’s important to remember that feeling sexy is both a state of mind and a feeling that your clothes help to reflect. The Bench. woman is sexy and sophisticated, flirty and fresh and all things in between. But don’t take her for granted, because goodness knows she is too busy for your nonsense. Be it for meeting her colleagues for green smoothies, consulting with clients, or dinner with a certain handsome somebody… Bench. has got Catherine’s lifestyle covered as well.

See something that reminds you of you? I wouldn’t be surprised.  My team and I cover a lot of different points in our own right and like to offer all these various perspectives to the DoTheDaniel audiences around the world. Be you a busy 9-5er, a mom on the run or a successful young woman, I couldn’t be more assured that Bench. has got you covered for your very own Lifestyle of Fashion.

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Photos: Bench.


Daniel Desforges