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One of my favourite things to do in light of a busy schedule and hectic life is to simply get out and walk. I put my headphones on and get out into the city I love or a nature path nearby and simply walk it out. I have recently been introduced to Hi-Tec‘s “The Walkumentary Series” which is encouraging us all to get out there and do the same.

This behind the scenes look at Pharrell Williams’ “24 hour of Happy” filmed by John Beattie offers a great look at how Hi-Tec is encouraging us all to be a little more happy by walking taking the time to appreciate the little things.

Happy – A Walkumentary from The Walkumentary Series on Vimeo.

“Philip Brink, co-founder and head of ideas at this that + the other (the Amsterdam based firm behind the series), adds: “The Walkumentary Series starts a conversation about the importance of taking time away from everyday life. Each film views walking from a different angle to make the viewer re-think the original mode of transportation.”

Check out the above links for all “The Walkumentary Series” videos and how Hi-Tec is a part of these amazing initiatives around the world.

“The Walkumentary Series is designed as a teaser prior to the launch of new
walking products in 2015, reinforcing Hi-Tec’s position as the leading outdoor

hi tec

Leading into the 2015 season, there is certainly a lot of products from Hi-Tec to be happy about as seen in this amazing video. Make sure to check out the Hi-Tec wesbite to stay in the know.

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Photos: Hi-Tec


Daniel Desforges