Lifestyle | Tweezerman G.E.A.R. makes men beautiful too

We have all seen it. The difference in between a man who properly grooms himself and the one who does not. More and more, the lifestyle of beauty for men is becoming an acceptable topic of discussion. Men everywhere aren’t afraid of making themselves feel handsome and taken care of anymore like they used to. Recently Julio & I had the chance to visit with Tweezerman Canada to experience their new line tailored specifically to men. See the official FASHIONIGHTS stance on the product line up here!


With a cheeky new ad campaign, the beauty industry is being revitalized and men are the main feature for the new Tweezerman G.E.A.R. products. I can appreciate that with a good laugh and well thought out ad, Tweezerman is really opening to the door to men everywhere who can now be comfortable discussing the idea of grooming or admitting the importance of it.

The price point of each product is affordable and the guarantee of their products is bar none one of the best on the market. The Tweezerman products are guaranteed for life. Yes. You read that right. For LIFE.

Check out some of their great new ad campaigns here:

So boys, let’s be honest. You want to look and feel good, and the rest of the world agrees.

Photos & Videos: FASHIONIGHTS & Tweezerman 


Daniel Desforges