Here’s why I’m not keeping anymore beauty secrets

Recently Julio has been sharing a lot about beauty and celebrity culture online via his social media channels and it really got me thinking. For years I’ve read and written about ‘beauty secrets’ because that was the narrative of the time we lived in. We have been programmed as a society to search out those miracle beauty treatments and quick fixes that can make us look like those magazine covers and celebrities and for so long we all thought that one cream, one treatment, one food could make it all better. I’m here to tell you that the fact is there isn’t one beauty trick that can help you look like Jennifer L. (don’t feel like getting sued) and, trust me, it’s not just olive oil. It’s a lot of moving pieces and turns out, I’m okay with talking about it.

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What it Means to Launch a Business During a Pandemic

2020 – the year that reality as we know it changed. As we make our way towards the end of the calendar year, I find myself looking at what – and more specifically who – has inspired me over the past twelve months. My own life has seen many changes as well. I went back to blogging full time and continue to look for a new job where my skills will be best served. I took my health back in to my own hands and became very self-aware. I started paying attention to where I was spending my money and I became much more aware of our choices and their effects on the environment, which leads me to writing this blog post.

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Something We All Agree On

As the new normal starts to settle in, I’ve come to realize now more than ever that my decisions have a real impact on those around me and the world as a whole. Amid my day-to-day, I’m also much more aware on how stress is taking its toll on my body both inside and out. While I’m no health expert – I trust practitioners like Catherine for those things – I know that as I get older I need to take care of myself.

It’s why I’ve become more introspective. Evaluating each and every brand I buy personally, it has become more important than ever to be mindful of making more ethical and green choices for me and my family. Something I am sure that more of us can agree on.

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Better Late Than Never

Heading towards the big 4-0 in the next few years, I’ve noticed that there is more and more importance on taking care of my skin. Though hindsight might say I could have been better in my younger years, it’s never too late to start better habits for my skin and routines. Recently I had the pleasure of being introduced to Innisfree here in Toronto and I became enamored with the brand and it’s sourcing techniques. SO much so, that I thought I’d share some of the items I am asking Santa for this year that you might enjoy as well!

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