The Power of Red

I love a red lip – it’s so chic and strong, and such a statement. Remember some of the most iconic women in film sporting a sumptuous red lip? Vivian Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind or Marilyn Monroe as Sugar Cane Kowalczyk in Some Like it Hot? Maybe Liza Minnelli as Sally Bowes in Cabaret, or Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Speaking of this iconic part live-action, part animated film, did you know that Jessica Rabbit often comes out on top in lists of the sexiest cartoon characters of time? It would not surprise me if she even makes an appearance on adult websites such as But then what about, Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman? How about Mena Suvari as Angela Hayes in American Beauty or the stunning Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde? Or one of my all-time favourites, Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in Batman Returns (because yes, I’m a huge superhero nerd). 

Did you know that Elizabeth Arden popularized the red lip in 1912 when she provided the suffragettes marching on Fifth Avenue in New York City in 1912 with the bold lipstick? The colour red equates with blood, with courage, with power, with passion. Previously an unacceptable colour for “proper women” to wear, Elizabeth Arden showed women that being powerful, courageous and bold was the way to stand up for ourselves. For the suffragettes, that meant winning the right to vote (hard to believe that women in Canada and the United States have only been able to vote since 1918 and 1920 respectively).

For all women in the last 100 years, we have continued to fight for our rights, including the right to individuality, independence, leadership and strength. No industry has demonstrated this strength better than the cosmetic industry, with leaders like Elizabeth Arden at the forefront. Whether in fashion, film or in everyday life, companies like Elizabeth Arden Inc. have given women confidence and courage and have proven that we are the force behind change in the world.


Join the movement as we #MarchOn

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In honour of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day on March 8th , Elizabeth Arden is introducing the March On campaign, with the brand’s Storyteller-in-Chief and female advocate Reese Witherspoon, and the introduction of a beautiful limited edition March On Beautiful Colour Lipstick in Red Door Red. 100% of proceeds of the sale of the gorgeous red lipstick will be donated to UN Women, with the product available to women around the world. So, we all love a bold, red lip, but now we understand the power and story behind the passionate lipstick colour. And we recognize the difference that game-changing women like Elizabeth Arden and Reese Witherspoon can make for all of us as a whole.

Kara Langan, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Elizabeth Arden explains: “Founded by a woman dedicated to helping women, we are inspired by our history to help change the future. March On honours this legacy not only with a philanthropic donation, but also with a campaign that asks women to unite to help each other achieve their full potential…. Whether by creating female-centric support systems or propelling each other in their professional lives, when women stand together they can enact great change in the world.”

March On is a multi-year, worldwide partnership between Elizabeth Arden Inc. and UN Women, that advocates for women and girls. Pledging to donate $1 million to UN Women in support of their work to advance women’s issues worldwide, Elizabeth Arden honours the legacy of its founder who demonstrated her commitment to women’s rights more than a century ago. Thanks to advocates like Elizabeth Arden, today women can vote in every country in the world (with Saudi Arabia being the last in 2015). It’s shocking that, in the 21st Century, women are just starting to gain equal rights across the board. Here in Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau just released the 2018 federal budget with a large emphasis on gender equality, with efforts to increase the participation of women in the workforce.

Elizabeth Arden, a Canadian-born American hero, founded her ground-breaking empire in 1910 in New York. With over 1000 products today, Elizabeth Arden Inc. is a worldwide skin care, cosmetic and fragrance company, led by CEO E. Scott Beattie.  The company is known for its philanthropy from the “Pin it to Give it” campaign for cancer to partnering with the Sparrow Society as part of the “Make a Visible Difference Community Heroes” to the latest March On campaign with UN Women.

Ok, back to one of my other favourite topics – makeup. I’m sort of a lipstick junkie, so I’ve already worn my March On Beautiful Colour red lipstick. I am a fan of Elizabeth Arden products, so picking up the lipstick was a no-brainer for me. One day, people may refer to me as the iconic Catherine of Do The Daniel with the infamous pouty red lip (I mean, a girl can dream)! Pairing my favourite cause (women’s rights) with my favourite makeup (lipstick) allows me to be an advocate while looking great doing it.

Here at Do The Daniel, we congratulate Elizabeth Arden Inc. for the March On campaign with UN Women, featuring the March On Beautiful Colour Lipstick in Red Door Red and encourage everyone to support women everywhere. Get your red lip on!

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