Making My House a Home

Going into another busy week for us here at the blog, I am at the office today with another exciting list of things to do. From meeting some of our idols over the last few weeks, to the ability to learn about new brands, there’s never a dull moment for us around here! Recently I had the pleasure of being introduced to MODERN INDIA: the latest collection by Mobilia Canada with Calgary based designer and style expert Aly Velji – and it helped to rekindle a desire to make the house I now live in a home again. As the collection heads into your local Mobilia Canada store in the coming weeks, come take a look at some of my favourite items that I hope to add into my life and why it is important to create the oasis I deserve. 

I’ve coincidently had India on my mind a lot lately. From cooking meals inspired by traditional cuisine on my (few and far between) days off, to thinking it’s time to plan a trip there. Maybe I’m craving a “Eat, Pray, Love” moment in light of some things I am facing. Maybe not. But all that to say, when I heard that the latest Mobilia Canada collection was inspired by a country that is calling to me, it just felt right that I needed to see and share it with you all. Let’s call it a universal coincidence where my personal and professional lives converge on items that speak to me in a beautiful way. 

Inspired by a trip to India, Aly designed this fifteen piece collection from a beautiful place of both tradition and modern interpretation. I even learned about the marble from India and it’s ability to offer a tangible depth and versatility to any home – I didn’t even know there was a marble industry in India. I love learning new things on our adventures and events with brands! 

“The trip to India with Mobilia was the first time Velji set foot in the land of his ancestors and it was a moving experience for him at a very personal level, in addition to nourishing his professional imagination. He was overwhelmed in the most positive way by the profusion of sights and smells, textures and textiles, materials and patterns as well as by the long and living tradition of expert craftsmanship.”

I’m currently in the process of trying to furnish and update a few rooms in the house I live to make it more of a home. And after seeing the collection in person, there are of course a few items that I’ve added to my wishlist. I think my favourite part of the collection, and learning about Mobilia Canada more, is that the furniture and items can be added to that which I already have and will seamlessly become a part of my larger interior design goals. There is of course a distinct look to the MODERN INDIA items, but not so much that they stand out and feel out of place. The ability to work with what I already have as I slowly turn my house into a home is important to me since like most of you, it is a process to get to where I want to be with my decor choices. 

If I had to ch0se a few items that I would love to have in my home over the coming months, they would include (but not limited to) the follow:

SURYA WALL MIRROR – I LOVE this mirror so much and the fact that I can place it on the wall however I see the angle of marble to fit the room. I like the idea of hanging it as it’s shown below on an angle, since life and love aren’t made of straight lines.

SATYA MARBLE CONSOLE TABLE – I need a table on the main level of the house to throw my keys onto. I can also see it having a vase of fresh flowers or beautiful new plants to bring life into a space that needs some more greenery to make it feel more homey. 

SADHA LEATHER CHAIR – I have a beautiful reclaimed wood dinning room table that might be one of my favourite pieces of furniture I own but I have yet to find chairs that I would love to have around it. Being that I am cooking a lot more, and want to entertain friend and family as the weather gets colder, I would want to get six of these chairs to complete my dinning room in a beautiful way. 

You can of course see the entire MODERN INDIA collection here, and check out the Mobilia Canada website to be inspired for your own space. Making where you live feel like home is a process and takes time, but I can assure you that after seeing what they have to offer in person, I am inspired and ready to start towards my interior design goals in a fun and exciting way! 

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Daniel Reyes

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