A New Bodycare Line, With a Twist

Over the past month, I had the opportunity to try a number of new items from the Fruit’s & Passion Alo line. The last time I used any Fruits & Passions products I was in my early teens! Needless to say, I was pretty stoked to try out some items from this wonderful Canadian company. A few of the items I tried include the Whipped Body Cream Pear Peony, Hand Cream Ocean Flower, Shower Gel Grapefruit Guava and Hand Soap Orange Canteloupe.

Whipped Body Cream Pear Peony

I’m picky when it comes to selecting body creams and lotions. I’m ethnic, so my skin naturally tends to be on the dry side and once the weather gets cooler my skin becomes even more dry. I feel like I definitely tried this product at the perfect time, the weather here in Toronto has been cooler as of late and I have been experiencing a bad case of dry skin. I cannot rave enough about the whipped body cream. I have been using it religiously over the past three weeks. The texture is thick and leaves my skin feeling smooth throughout the day. It’s enriched with vitamins E and B5 and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and rejuvenated. I’m obsessed with the scent, its light, feminine and delicate which is a bonus for me as I prefer softer scents over stronger ones. I’m thrilled I came across this product!


Hand Cream Ocean Flower

I love the packaging of this product, it’s small, cute and fits perfectly inside my clutch — I don’t go anywhere without hand cream. I wash my hands frequently, so they get very dry over the course of the day. This lotion isn’t greasy at all and absorbs into the skin pretty quickly. I found this lotion hydrating and soothing as well. The scent is mild, fresh and summery. Overall I really liked this lotion – it left my dry hands feeling soft, but not greasy.


Shower Gel Grapefruit Guava

I thoroughly enjoyed this shower gel. I work long days and have to drive home in rush hour traffic. I love having a long hot shower as soon as I get home as it really helps me to wind down, relax and forget about the stress from work. I love that this shower gel cleans and lathers well, and its antioxidant properties are great for your skin too! The tropical scent is a huge plus for me – it may sound silly, but I find the scent calming. Perhaps because it reminds me of my home in the islands. Another thing I loved about this product is that it’s biodegradable, which is great for the environment. I’ve really enjoyed using this product over the past few weeks.


Hand Soap Orange Canteloupe

This hand soap is one of my new favourite products. Hand soaps typically leave my skin feeling dry and itchy, but this soap does none of the above. Not only do I have dry skin, but I also suffer from skin sensitivity as well. I found this product soothing and it didn’t leave my hands feeling dry after washing, in fact, my hands have never felt more moisturized after washing. Not only is it soothing but the scent incredible, not too strong and is seriously addictive.


I loved all the items I tried, but my two favourite products were the whipped body cream and hand soap. They were both soothing and hydrating. I highly recommend these products, you won’t be disappointed! I’m looking forward to trying more Fruits & Passion products in the future!

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Ash xo

Photos by Ashlyn Dawson