It’s not TIFF without a visit to the NKPR IT House

The Toronto International Film Festival is officially upon us for 2023 and amid screenings, and red carpets, and hugs in passing running in between events, I am lucky enough to be invited to some of the most exclusive events of the season. I’ve said it for ten years, but it’s just not TIFF without a visit to see the fabulous NKPR gifting lounge!

I still remember meeting Natasha Koifman in 2013 as a plus one for Julio and being in awe of her presence. Over the last decade we have become closer and I admire her hard work more than I think I’ve ever told her. The IT lounge is one of the longest lasting gifting lounges and every year is one of the most buzzed about events – for good reason. Celebrities and media members rub shoulders and interact with some of the most lavish brands, culminating in leaving with a gift bag stuffed to the brim to enjoy during and post festival.

Some of my favourite people will be in attendance all day long and you can of course feel like a celebrity by following the #NKPRIT23 hashtag everywhere you find your favourite content. I’ll be sharing in real time as I attend and promise it’ll be worth coming along with me for the day if you aren’t already following me!

On Thursday, September 7th, NKPR will bring it all to life.

The lounge will feature red carpet worthy skin prep from La Mer, makeup touch-ups by NARS, a coffee bar by thedesigns and functions of SMEG, styling by Melanie Lyne, a preview of luxury men’s essentials by PATRICK ASSARAF, cocktails by Tia Maria, a culinary experience by Cookin, a no sugar shop from No Sugar Co., and much more!

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Photos: Daniel Reyes Cocka and participating brands 

Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year 

Daniel Reyes Cocka xo 

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