Rice Croutons: A Fun Addition to My Summer Cooking that I Can’t Wait for You to Try!

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When it comes to cooking in the warmer months, like clockwork, my body craves all things BBQ and fresh veggies and fruits. While I’ve been sharing all my Pride month excitement with you all on social media, I’ve also been busy in the kitchen trying out new recipes and working on some fun ideas. Recently I stumbled upon a whole new way to add flavour combinations to my meal and I can’t get enough of them in my life.

Whenever I hear the word crouton, I’m immediately brought back to my childhood at a well-known pizza chain where the “all you could can eat” salad bar allowed me to eat them by the bowlful. Traditionally made with day old bread in my house, they’ve always been something I can snack on and add to meals and soups.

Flash forward to 2021 and I recently stumbled upon the idea of rice croutons. Normally not something that would catch my eye, I started to read some of the flavour combinations and loved that I could infuse the simple to make recipe with some of my summer favourites.


One of those flavour combos I crave every summer is fresh local strawberries and goat cheese (normally in a salad). I’m serious when I say I probably eat that combination at least a few times a month. I thought to myself that switching up my crouton game, and with the ability to add my own flavour combo, sounded like a lot of fun! Inspired by the team at USA Rice Canada I got right to work on the recipe below and now I can’t keep myself from adding them to fresh salads or snacking on them in the middle of the afternoon! Rice is versatile for any meal occasion– perfect for recreating any dining experience, whether it means for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert or snacks.

Here’s how you can make your very own Strawberry & Goat Cheese Rice Croutons to wow your family and friends this summer.

  1. Cook U.S.-grown rice* using water as per package directions. Place half of the hot cooked rice in a large measuring cup and purée into a smooth sticky paste with a hand blender (or in the small bowl of a food processor); stir in remaining rice until combined. Add diced strawberries and crumbled goat cheese to taste (I used a small quart from the local farmer and half a stick of goat cheese), season with salt and pepper
  2. Using a non-stick or silicone ice cube tray press mixture into mold and freeze for 45-50 minutes. Alternatively, If you’re doing this with the family, you can use cookie cutters to make fun shapes.
  3. Sauté rice croutons in 3-4 batches with oil in a large non-stick skillet over medium high heat until golden brown and crisp. Allow to drip on cooling rack or with paper towel and add to your favourite salad mix.

This couldn’t be an easier way to wow your taste buds and add some extra flavour to your summer recipes. Of course this is my favourite flavour combination, but there are many more on the USA Rice Canada website that I encourage you to try out recipes and see which one you love most! that are suitable for both novice and adventurous home chefs in mind.

*Rice is one of the least allergenic foods out there, making it a great choice for people with a variety of food sensitivities. All varieties of rice, whether enriched, white or brown, are naturally and completely gluten-free.

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