What My Perfect Day Would Entail

It seems a little self indulgent to be sitting down to write a blog post dedicated to myself, but sometimes I think that putting out your intentions into the universe is a great way of making them come true. October 17th is going to not only mark an exciting time for us as a country with legalization, but it just so happens to be my 35th birthday. Funny to think about that number because for as long as I can remember my “life plan” had me married at 30, with children at 35, owning a home at 40. Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to, but I also know that the path I am on right now is the one that will lead me to my best self. I am working on my physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and I like to think that 35 will be better than 34. Only time will tell I guess – but in the meantime, if I could have the perfect birthday, here are a few things I would want it to include! 

It’s October 17th, and I wake up in the morning to take Canela out for a walk. Throwing on a comfy sweater and a pair of outland denim jeans, I head out with her into a brisk day. It’s not too hot, and not too cool, but I am perfect in what I’m wearing, while we enjoy a long walk together. 

Heading to Starbucks, I get myself an (I promise I’m not a princess) Iced Venti Cardamom latte with blond espresso, almond milk and light ice. We walk for an hour while I listen to the soundtrack from A Star is Born and respond to “Happy Birthday” texts. We sit in the park near my house and just enjoy some quiet time surrounded by the breeze and the trees. 

I bring Canela home, and hop in the shower. Once I’m out and getting dressed for my perfect day, I get a delivery from Tonic Blooms that I ordered myself. My birthday seems like the perfect time to order some of their newest items and we all know how much flowers make me smile. I make myself a goat cheese omelette and a Genuine Health green smoothie, before packing my Louis Vuitton bag for the day. I’m not normally this fancy, but this bag is important to me and I want it with me all day long. 


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For those Tuesdays that feel like Mondays, reach for a green smoothie ? ? @organicallyandrea

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I stop into Sephora on my way to the office to pick up my newest obsession – TOM FORD FUCKING FABULOUS because this scent makes me feel sexy. And who doesn’t like to feel good about themselves, especially on their birthday?! I laugh to myself as I buy it, at some inappropriate joke about having Tom Ford for my birthday as well, and continue on with my day. I decide I’m in no hurry, so I head to Best Buy to take a look at their newest items that I’d love to get for my place. 


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Slide in and out of game modes. #nintendoswitch #games

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I decide it’s time to upgrade my laptop (my poor one right now is just starting to fall apart) and since I’ve had my eye on the Microsoft Surface Pro for so long, today is the day to finally spoil myself. I pick it up and head to the office to say hi to Catherine and my friends. Hugs and smiles all around, I sit down to get it set up. No emails today – I promised myself! But I do make sure to sign into my Netflix account for later when I’m running around the city doing what I love. 

I head home to drop off the Surface Pro and get changed. Part of my new journey has been taking time for myself to enjoy working out again. I change into the newest items from RYU Apparel that I picked up and head to SPINCO for a lunchtime class. While some people might think that working out on my birthday sounds silly, it’s something that makes me happy and is mine alone to enjoy. 

Running home, I take Canela out for a lunch time walk and collapse onto the couch with her. Using my Rogers Ignite TV, now hooked up to my new TV from Samsung that got delivered this week (If you haven’t heard about The Frame – Google it immediately), I search for an episode of Master Chef to enjoy with her. Having just met Gordon a few weeks ago, I smile and think about how lucky I am to have this life. I am so grateful for everything I have earned and have in my life. 

Catherine calls me to say she wants to meet for a snack at Drake One Fifty and I am totally down for it. I worked up an appetite at spinning and I’m ready to get moving again after a bit of relaxing. We enjoy some of my favourite – including the Beef Tartar and laugh while talking about everything and nothing at once. Sometimes those are the best kind of moments – good people, and good food with nowhere to be and no schedule to keep. 


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Cacio e Pepe fried chicken + wine?! That’s what Saturday looks like at #DrakeOneFifty.

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Afterwards, I head to Black Line Studio to get my birthday tattoo that I am so excited for. I can’t wait to reveal it (this for sure is happening and I hope you come along with me for the excitement) because it’s something that means a lot to me. All of my tattoos do actually, and it’s one of my favourite ways to mark moments and memories in my life. 

I head home to pack my overnight bag, and get Canela ready. I drop her off at her other Daddy’s place and tell her I look forward to seeing her again next time. She’s one of my favourite things in my life and I am grateful for having had her on my birthday. I head off to The Adelaide Hotel Toronto to enjoy a night to myself. Upon checking in, I pop the bottle of Veuve Clicquot that I ordered for myself and draw a bubble bath. I turn on some music and just sit in the tub, smiling at the beauty of a day for me has been. When I’m done in the tub, I wrap myself in a bath towel and lay on the bed with my Nintendo Switch. I smile at the thought that I am a 35 year old man enjoying Nintendo as much as I did when I was twelve – but I love that I’m still “young at heart.”


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The best way to cure a gloomy Monday… ??✨ #LiveExquisite

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I see some friends for a few Belvedere cocktails and nibbles during the night, but I also know that I am just so excited to get some sleep. I return to the hotel and crawl into bed for a good night’s sleep (something I haven’t had in a very long time) knowing that when I wake in the morning, it will be the beginning of my next year in life. A chance to be better in so many ways, and that I spent my birthday doing the things I love most. 

How lovely does that sound? I’m going to do my best to make it all happen for me (with the addition of a BIT of work – we’re busy after all) but I hope that if nothing else, my dream day inspires you to plan one of your own. There is nothing selfish about pampering yourself and one of the things that I have learned in 2018 is that #SelfLove is more important than ever. It’s been a difficult year in some ways, and that’s okay to admit. But it doesn’t mean that I can’t work towards ending it as the best version of myself. 

Follow along with me to see what I do get up to on October 17th and make sure to do something nice for yourself via the #DoTheDaniel Instagram account. And remember to do something kind for yourself sometime soon with the things and people you love most. You deserve it! 

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Daniel Reyes

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