Nothing is More Memorable Than The Perfect Fragrance

Have you ever been walking, minding your business or lost in emails on your phone during a busy day, and smelled something that made you stop in your tracks? This happens to me all the time. Whether it’s the smell of turkey this past weekend that immediately brought me back to memories of my mom & dad in the kitchen in Ottawa during Thanksgiving, or the smell of a cologne that brought back memories of specific men in my life. I am someone who loves to smell good and I believe that choosing the right fragrance completes my morning routine. Earlier this year I was introduced to two scents that I have added to my rotation (yes, I collect fragrances. A habit I picked up in my last relationship) and I wanted to share why each of them adds something distinct to my day-to-day life.)

Have you ever wondered what role scents (or colognes) play in dating life? A chemical called pheromones is the reason why each of us gets attracted to certain smells. For more information regarding the same, you could check blogs written by True Pheromones or similar web portals. Serge Lutens once said that “Perfume is potentially a carrier for the imagination. Perfume is thick; it is poison and pure desire; it is eros in person.” I love the tangibility of that analogy. It’s so true. There are some fragrances that just complete a person – and finding the right one is a task I take on every time the seasons change. Call me silly, but I like to express myself in certain ways (my hair, my wardrobe, my profile picture…) and the way I smell is one of the most distinctive ways I do so. 

So as summer came to a close and my fall wardrobe came out to play, it was time to find a few new fragrances to embark into the cooler weather. Thankfully they didn’t take long to come into my life and I haven’t stopped wearing them ever since! 


I still remember in my.. shall we call them younger years.. driving to Toronto from Ottawa with friends. One of the things I would always pick myself up was a new fragrance because Toronto ALWAYS had a better selection that no one back home had. I liked wearing scents that were distinct, seductive and allowed people to smell it and think of me. Just as much as I love the memories that fragrances bring to life for me, I also like to create them. 

This is one of my favourite eau de toilettes that I have ever worn. With “citrus and woody notes, reminiscent of crisp air along the British coast. Aromatic violet-leaf and spearmint oil invigorate notes of lemon and rosemary. Amber and oak moss bring depth. A veritable breath of fresh air.” And who doesn’t need some fresh air in the cooler months? It makes me think of romantic nights with someone special, sitting fireside sipping a glass of wine, and taking on a hike in the autumn leaves. Burberry has always created fragrances that suit the fragility and softness of masculinity. A dichotomy and balance of both the hard and soft, it speaks to my inner Libra and always makes me smile when I spray it on in the morning. 


Hugo Boss is one of those names that I think almost immediately when it comes to fragrance – something that every Canadian man has at one point or another had in their bathroom cabinet. I think because the brand had such a great entry cologne when I was growing up, I remember thinking I was felt special when I would spritz it before heading off to University. And after all, fragrances are meant to embody the confidence and person you want to be in your life. The line of colognes, and fragrances has since evolved to include some complexities that I would not have expected in comparison to what I used to wear. And for that I appreciate the brand so much more because it has evolved and grown just as I have as I have aged. 

While sports aficionados will appreciate it’s ties to the world of Soccer, I was more so drawn to the design of the bottle (who doesn’t want their display of fragrances to not only smell good but also look good?) and that which it contains. “Combining the crispness of the outdoors with an urban warmth, it delivers a relentless freshness thanks to its twist on the original BOSS BOTTLED ingredients. Opening with South African Buchu, it combines with Blood Orange to create its citrus edge. A heart of Spearmint, Peppermint and Orris Concrete create its liveliness, while Vetiver, Patchouli and Cashmeran drive its woody warm elegance. Enclosed in a silver-shaded flacon, the scent acts as a physical reminder of the well-earned trophies received when players perform at their best.” 

I love reading the descriptions of fragrances. Like that of a fine bottle of wine, it seduces you with elegant words and descriptives. What it smells like on me is what I want the autumn to be. A certain chill with undertones of warmth and colourful expressions of citrus and earthiness. It’s manly without being in your face about it, and hey, if I smell like a professional soccer player – even better! 

I think that seasonal change is something that lives withing us all as we go through life. And if you are like me, you can appreciate that a subtle change such as what fragrance you wear, can make the world of difference in how you perceive yourself and how the world will remember you. I encourage you to check out both of these fragrances if you’re in need of a change and to let me know what you think about them when you do! 

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Daniel Reyes

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